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There are a few suprises here. First, so you’re not confused, Visual Link Spanish have been referenced by searching, and Seems they have at least three unique and highly visible domain names which explains why you run into this Spanish course a lot.

The Visual Link Spanish program has been created by the linguist and software team at the US institute of languages. The US institute was formed by Director Dave Clark in 1995; who has a language degree in Spanish, two years experience of living in a Spanish speaking country and two years teaching experience at a university level.

Visual Link Spanish is the answer for conversational Spanish needs. You can take it for a test drive with the free lessons offered on their official website, just sign up with your Name & Email and you’ll get them immediately.

Give Visual Link Spanish a Try!

What Makes Visual Link Spanish Unique?

First of all , Visual Link Spanish was 8 years in the development. The developer is a university level Spanish teacher, and he recognized that while he was teaching students a lot about the technical aspects of Spanish few were actually able to carry on a conversation.

What David Clark (the university instructor we’re talking about) realized is that memorization of words isn’t effective. What’s effective is teaching students to build sentences that are important to a conversational setting.

So what makes Visual Link Different? It’s a program that spends 100% of it’s time teaching you to assemble your own phrases rather then memorizing particular words and vocabulary. This way you’re actually able to think in Spanish and converse as you learn.

Pros and Cons of Visual Link Spanish


  • Item #1 The learning approach from Visual Link Spanish is unique from any other Spanish language software program. Instead of an emphasis on vocabulary and grammar, it teaches you Spanish through fun, interactive activities and building sentence structure.
  • The included Advanced Verb Module teaches you verb conjugation (i.e. “I run, you run, he runs…) in a way that’s entertaining – not boring like many grammatical exercises can be. You’ll easily be building proper Spanish sentences in no time!
  • Online version just $99.99/year, windows/mac supported


  • The Visual Link Spanish course is priced somewhat higher than other courses reviewed here, which may be a barrier for people looking for more affordable Spanish language software.
  • The interactive games and entertainment could be viewed as somewhat childish or geared toward younger viewers, however if you approach it with an open mind, you’ll find that you recall words better, remember sentences more clearly and learn Spanish more easily – especially where more “traditional” methods have failed.

 Is Visual Link Spanish Really Easy to Use?

I found Visual Link pretty simple to use. You take your Visual Link CD ROM pop it in your PC and you’re on your way to learning Spanish. The course also comes with Visual Link Audio CDs so you can learn Spanish on the go. It requires no fancy subscriptions and Its good for the techno-phobe.

For Mac users, you can get instant online access, you don’t need wait for CD ROM or download it. Visual Link don’t support iPhone/Adroid APPs, but you can online access with safari/chrom browser on your Iphone/Adroid smart phone. Very easy to learn spanish any time, anywhere.

How Does It Work?

This is a really interesting and rather unique approach to learning Spanish based on learning Spanish sentence structure and the development of conversation skills. Given that Spanish sentence structure is so different to English it’s definitely a valid approach and a method I have used with Spanish speakers who are learning English.

This program uses learning techniques based on practical themes: “Locations”, “Survival Expressions”, “Basic Needs”, and “Communication”. Inside each of these themes the language is further broken down into groups of words or Spanish phrases. Finally, you choose words from each group to form basic sentences.

The Visual link sentence structure approach involves breaking down the vocabulary into types, for example:

Article + noun + adjective

This Spanish sentence structure appears in a table format as for example “un libro blanco“ and is placed along with other Spanish articles, verbs or adjectives . This enables the Spanish student to practice structuring Spanish sentences.

In support of this you have illustrations and the Visual Link Spanish class is lead in English with explanations and translations given together with the gramatical content.

The visual Link Program might leave you feeling a little overwhelmed if this is your very first experience of learning Spanish. I found the course content interesting and relevant.

As a teacher I believe the Visual Link course is best for those learning Spanish as a third language and false beginners. It is also Ideal for those that maybe need a refresher and level lifting course.

Visual Link Special Offers

Visual Link is usually always ‘on sale’, reduced from $80 to $190. Click Here to view the latest approved Visual Link Bonuses or Discount offers available. Also, this program offers one of the longest warranties available in the lanaguage program industry that I know of: six months.

Final Words

Visual link offers a mixture of audio and visual courses primarily rooted in proper Spanish sentence structure. I recommend this Spanish program for those with at least a little prior experience with learning Spanish as it could be a little overwhelming for a total beginner. In short it best suits the audio and visual style learner.

Visual Link Spanish Review4.5admin2011-11-09 04:37:25There are a few suprises here. First, so you’re not confused, Visual Link Spanish have been referenced by searching, LearnSpa…


  1. Feygin
    Nov 09, 2011

    This is an absolutely excellent program. Extremely easy and enjoyable to use, and with great results! I tried so many of them, and there is simply nothing else that even comes close! Instead of teaching you useless phrases such as “a lady eats fish under the tree” (a phrase that most likely you will never use), this program actually teaches you how to “assemble” useful, everyday practical phrases that you will be using a lot, from the “blocks” that are easy to understand and easy to remember

    Ease of Use

  2. Paulie
    Nov 09, 2011

    This is an excellent program. Visual link provides CDs. You intall two programs to your computer that provide new vocabularly, a visual/aural way to construct new sentences by providing instant sentence structure, so you are speaking Spanish after the very first lesson, and pronouciation of the more difficult constantants/vowels, like the LL in Spanish. I had bought Rocket Spanish which is loadable to an IPOD or MP3 player, but found that only listening (I’m a visual learner) was not helping me understand the grammatical concepts or helping my retention.

    Yes, you have to use your computer to review lessons but you have to do that with just about any program, including Rocket Spanish. You get CD’s to listen to and a convenient carrying case. Keep those in the car. Each CD corresponds to a lesson. Review the lesson and complete the exercises for reinforcement, then listen in the car to learn aurally. The audio CD’s review pronounciation and quiz you on recently learned concepts. I find that when I go back to my Rocket Spanish MP3 lessons that they now make sense because I can visualize the words and have a better understanding of the grammatical structure of Spanish. I find the computer based lessons more accessible than Rocket Spanish. But, the programs complement each other. I suggest ordering the free CD directly from the Visual Link website to get a feel for the program. Chances are you will get an email offer that will reduce the price to around $99 the same as Rocket Spanish. You will then get additional offers for Level II that reduce the cost by 50% ($49.99).

    They now have Level II and a complementary on-line program that goes deeper into the grammar, prounciation, and conjugation of Spanish verbs.

    As far as the one review stating you have CD’s and this is a pain. Just load them onto your computer then upload them to your MP3. I find that simply popping them in to my CD player is great. Each time I start a new lesson, I think there is no way I can remember all this new vocabularly, but by the end of the lesson, I pretty much have everything stored in my memory bank! I really enjoy this program.

    Ease of Use

  3. Amytris Faus
    Nov 09, 2011

    The free d/l of level 1 ‘basic needs’ is wonderful.
    Particularly pleasant to (have to) listen to is the voice of ‘Maria’ (a Mexican speaker of Spanish), and the voice of the unknown guy.
    I did learn and remember a lot from that limited test.
    However, I then ordered the complete Level 1, and it arrived, and I am dismayed to find that it can only be used on one, or at most two, personal computers.
    (if you ‘de activate it’ on PC #1)
    This makes me hesitate to load it, register it,and activate it at all.
    my current laptop is using Vista, and I’m also hoping to purchase another PC soon….
    Verbally they say that the course ‘will work’, but the packaging says ‘windows XP & Vista’

    I wonder how buying a ‘used’ version could possibly even work out for someone?
    AND…in time if I want to use this again, will the company be willing to replace it??(??)
    Since it costs almost $100 I do think this is a valid concern.
    Yes, the audio CDs will be available to me and my family,
    BUT the whole point was the VISUAL-LINK.
    So: I dunno.
    3 stars for the dismaying surprise, otherwise 5 for the free download portion,
    since elementary as it was,I remembered it much better than all the stuff we did in 2 semesters at college last year.

    Ease of Use

  4. Christine Caines
    Nov 09, 2011

    I am a Visual Link groupie. This is the best way to learn Spanish. I took a class at a community college for the summer and learned a little bit…the teacher spent more time talking about her childhood and her kids than anything else (she was a native speaker)…but I wanted to learn Spanish. I finished the class and could talk about buying a skirt in a store..that’s about it…so I supplemented with Visual Link I and I was off to the races. My friends were amazed. Put the CD’s in your car and listen and speak (yes, out loud…it’s the best way) while your cruising. Sometimes I re-listened to the same CD until I had it down pat…take your time…no rush…you don’t have to learn before the “end of a semester”.

    I am now on Visual Link #2. Dave is very supportive as well…always available in several formats (even on Facebook)…buy will not be disappointed. It’s a fun learning experience and you don’t have to waste your time in a class with a boring teacher.

    Ease of Use

  5. La Gringuita
    Nov 09, 2011

    Visual Link is the best complete or comprehensive software based Spanish program that I have found. What I found most effective about this program is the method in which it enables you to quickly start forming lots of sentences simply by taking a group consisting of one or two verbs and a second group consisting of one or more verbs and then a third group of consisting of nouns. After the first lesson you will be surprised at how many new sentences that you can form. With each lesson, you will be adding more words to the groups and as a result you will find yourself quickly forming new sentences in Spanish.

    I have recommended Rosetta Stone in some of my previous reviews but only because I hadn’t discovered this software at the time. As a visual learner, I can say this software is a lot more effective than Rosetta Stone and more economical.

    This software’s interface provides plenty of instructions on how to use the software. But even without the detailed instructions, I am sure that you will find the use of this software self-explanatory. Another thing that I am sure that you will like about this software is that the narrator provides lots of tips and explanations about Spanish grammar, pronunciation, etc. For example, the narrator points out that the “r” in “quiero” sounds a lot like the English letter “d.” The only recommendation that I have for this product is that I would have preferred a native Spanish speaker as the narrator instead of a native English speaker. That way I can be sure that I don’t pick up his English speaking accent when he pronounces Spanish words such as “yo.” But that’s really a small grievance.

    Visual Link also includes lots of quizzes not only to review and reinforce what you are learning, but also for you to assure yourself that you are making progress. Another feature that I am sure that you will find beneficial is that the course includes several audio CDs to help review the material covered in the software. I plan to take the audio from the CDs and put them on my Ipod for additional practice.

    I should also add that if you want a learning Spanish program that you can use and also let your children use in order to learn Spanish, Visual Link is probably the best course available. My 12 year old niece enjoys this software as much as I do but she quickly became bored when trying to use Rosetta Stone software.

    Here are some other products that I recommend for Spanish language learners. In order to speak Spanish fluently, you must also learn lots of new words. For increasing Spanish vocabulary, I recommend Quick Study-Spanish Vocabulary Flash Cards-1000 cards You get 1,000 of these cards at an excellent price.

    To speak Spanish fluently besides having a stand alone course such as Visual link Spanish as your base and a method to learn new Spanish words, you will also need to master conjugating Spanish verbs. The best product for that is the Verbarrator Version 1.1 (Windows Version) software. The Verbarrator software does a great job of replacing the boring Spanish verb conjugation books and makes learning Spanish verbs enough fun that you will want to use the software every day. And the more you use the tool the quicker that you will learn how to conjugate Spanish verbs and reach fluency. The Verbarrator is probably the best investment that I have made in my journey to learn Spanish because it is a product that I use almost daily.

    The last product that I recommend for anyone who is really serious about learning Spanish is The Ultimate Spanish Review and Practice w/CD-ROM (UItimate Review & Reference Series). This Spanish grammar book covers every aspect of Spanish grammar imaginable. To get the equivalent learning-Spanish value of this one book you would have to buy 3 or 4 books in the Practice Makes Perfect series

    Ease of Use

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