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The Transparent Language system does not use a strict lesson plan. It’s flexibility allows you to choose what you want to study depending on your interests or why you want to learn Spanish.

Depending upon your goals the Transparent Spanish Complete Edition sets the foundation by developing a new Spanish vocabulary then learn to read and write in Spanish. Games, quizes, tests, flash cards or crossword puzzles help you to keep Spanish learning fun and memorable.

In addition, while using Transparent Spanish Complete Edition, you will find some exceptional technology applications very helpful. For example, with “Slow Sound” features, you will be able to slow the Spanish words down to hear pronunciations better.  Also, you will be able to practice pronunciation in a right and effective way thanks to using another feature that assesses your pitch, vowels and tone. Another perfect application of Transparent Spanish is the tracking system that enables you to track your learning progress effectively.

Another beneficial feature is allows you to see the definition of the word when you highlight it during your study on reading or speaking lessons. This feature helps you learn Spanish vocabulary conveniently.



  • Easy to learn Spanish vocabulary with the Byki Spanish flash card system. It is the program’s strongest feature and is great beginner Spanish tool.
  • A step-by-step comprehensive course, great learning process
  • Voice-recognition feature, including the graphs and scoring is good quality and helps to teach you Spanish pronunciation quickly.
  • More competitive price than Tell me More Spanish or Fluenz Spanish

  • The course is a compilation of different programs by the Transparent Language and lacks an overall integration of these tools.
  • Windows Only, you can’t run transparent software on a MAC
  • Not suitable for more advanced Spanish learners. Another program purchase might be necessary, Rocket Spanish / Visual Link Spanish
  • Uer Interface design is not so good

Finally, if you want to study basic Spanish in a fun manner, this effective program will be a perfect option for you. Transparent  Spanish is a great vocabulary and grammar learning software program for beginners with many beneficial features.

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Transparent Spanish Review3.8333333333333335admin2011-11-18 09:58:51The Transparent Language system does not use a strict lesson plan. It’s flexibility allows you to choose what you want to study depending on your inte…

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