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The Transparent Japanese Complete Edition is an entire comprehensive language course in one affordable package. Experience a full range of multimedia tools including computer programs, online resources, mp3 files, audio lessons, and more. Explore lessons, games, immersion videos, and stories as you achieve Complete Japanese proficiency.

Transparent Japanese is a full language learning course with a lesson plan designed to develop your conversational fluency in Japanese. With Transparent Japanese Complete Edition, you get a powerful and flexible language learning solution in one affordable package. Whether you prefer audio courses, reading, immersion, or conversational practice, Complete will lead you to Japanese proficiency in no time.

Start by rapidly building your vocabulary base with our acclaimed Byki Deluxe. Byki’s memory algorithm technology will tailor your learning based on your own strengths and weaknesses. Record your voice and compare it alongside native speaker audio. Play games, take quizzes, and track your progress; Byki’s a language-learning powerhouse!

Take your learning on the road with Everywhere Japanese audio lessons. Take advantage of “lost” time in your car, at the gym, or just around the house to speed the learning process.

Develop your written and verbal skills with the Transparent Japanese Premium Edition, a full course with lesson plans to develop your conversational skills. Native language texts, videos, and stories immerse you in the Japanese language. Premium will condition you to communicate without having to think about it – just like you do in English.

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Transparent Japanese Review



  • Easy to learn Japanese vocabulary with the Byki Japanese flash card system. It is the program’s strongest feature and is great beginner Japanese tool.
  • A step-by-step comprehensive course, great learning process
  • Voice-recognition feature, including the graphs and scoring is good quality and helps to teach you Japanese pronunciation quickly.
  • More competitive price than Tell me More Japanese or Rosetta Stone Japanese

  • The course is a compilation of different programs by the Transparent Language and lacks an overall integration of these tools.
  • Not suitable for more advanced Japanese learners. Another program purchase might be necessary, Rocket Japanese / Pimsleur Japanese
  • Uer Interface design is not so good
  • Only for Windows, Macintoch is not supported

Ease of Use

At first glance it seems simple and easy to navigate; the tabs are clearly marked and it looks clean and not congested. The only problem is the fact that you are using two different programs and must figure out what each one can and can’t do before you can really get into learning. However, once you have spent a little time playing around with both programs you will easily find out which does which and things move along quite smoothly.


Transparent Japanese is one of the only products on the market today that offers users a true one-stop solution for learning a new language in a variety of different ways. While other language-learning programs take consumers through a set pattern of tutorials that bring them nowhere near true fluency, Transparent breaks this mold by offering numerous ways to practice and master speaking, hearing, and writing Japanese. From touching up on pronunciation to rapidly expanding a usable vocabulary, this software package covers all of the necessary fundamentals for today’s active student.

While Transparent starts with the familiar flash cards that students would find in other software solutions, there are no set boundaries or limitations when using this software.

If a user has already build up a core vocabulary from other studies, then the program recognizes this and advances the learning appropriately. Likewise, when users need additional review time for certain words or phrases, they are not locked into repeating the entire tutorial block in order to master only a few items. The comprehensive knowledge base in Transparent Japanese Complete Edition ensures that each study period is used for maximum effectiveness.

The Transparent software can sometimes feel a bit misleading because of its multi-tiered approach to learning Japanese; it would be easy for a student to question whether or not they were actually building their vocabulary after using the flash cards or playing a few games. Once they are asked to apply their newfound knowledge by deciphering short phrases and sentences, however, it becomes clear that this software does an excellent job of delivering tutorials in a fashion that stimulates learning without the boring repetition found in other teaching methods.

Overall, Transparent Japanese Complete Edition does a solid job of allowing students the freedom to learn a second language on their own terms. Although becoming comfortable with the array of learning options may take some time at first, the average student will find that each of the included tools are simple yet effective for learning Japanese. There is also video support available within each program for instant tutorials as well, so few consumers will have a problem deciphering the true learning effectiveness found in Transparent.

The plethora of learning options found within Transparent Japanese Complete Edition is certainly this software title’s calling card; few other titles can match it in overall effectiveness because of this flexibility. Since there is no definitive teaching method on Earth that works for every consumer 100% of the time, Transparent does a very nice job of giving consumers enough viable options to overcome these differences.


Transparent Language offers support in the program by viewing tutorials or accessing the help guide. You can also get more help through email or phone support for the more technical problems you may run into. Throughout the program you will find helpful pop-up windows to help explain what you can and can’t do with each feature (these can also be turned off at any time).

Finally, if you want to study basic Japanese in a fun manner, this effective program will be a perfect option for you. Transparent  Japanese is a great vocabulary and grammar learning software program for beginners with many beneficial features.

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Transparent have a 6 month full refund policy

Transparent Japanese Review4admin2011-12-13 03:19:09The Transparent Japanese Complete Edition is an entire comprehensive language course in one affordable package. Experience a full range of multimedia …

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