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Transparent Languages is a well-known brand in language education. Their products were designed to facilitate declarative learning as their foundation. In short their learning system focus more on teaching you words and short Italian phrases, allowing you to recall it from memory when needed.

For a well-rounded approach to help you learn Italian, check out the Italian Complete Edition. It utilizes two different applications that work together to help you build a strong understanding of Italian and how you can use it in real-life situations.

Italian Complete Edition offers several learn Italian products including Transparent Italian Premium Edition, which helps you develop your ability to converse and write in Italian; Byki Deluxe, which helps  build your vocabulary; and Lingua Match, which allows you to  investigate and go through 30 different virtual reality scenarios and learn the words for objects, places and other everyday items. You also can use the numerous other features contained in Italian Complete Edition including video, audio, reading, writing and other ways to understand and retain the Italian that you have learned.

This is software for beginners that is intended to help the average person learn the basics of Italian speech and writing and then gain greater proficiency. With these learning tools, you also will be able to access lessons on your iPod, MP3 player and five audio CDs so you can learn Italian wherever you are, whether you’re stuck in traffic or sitting in a doctor’s office waiting room.

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Transparent Italian Review



  • Everywhere audio Italian course, so you can take it with your ipod or whatever.
  • A step-by-step comprehensive course, great learning process
  • Online community for sharing
  • More competitive price than Tell me More Italian or Fluenz Italian

  • Windows Only, you can’t run transparent software on a MAC
  • Traditionalists may not be happy with the total immersion approach to learning a language
  • Uer Interface design is not so good
  • Too much focus on learning vocabulary, it’s more expensive than Rocket Italian, and their speech recognition can be a pain if you have a strong accent.

Transparent claims that if you learn with their software, you will never forget what you’ve learned.  It takes a while to complete each lesson, but once you finish it, you have done, all using different games and activities that keep you from getting bored. Also, their learning process is great. I loved learning vocabulary with the Byki Deluxe. And when I was finished with it, I was well prepared to jump into the main software.

Finally, I love their online community, where you can share your custom vocabulary lists, as well as download lists make by others–this keeps your software valuable even after you’ve learned everything in it.

With clients such as the US Defence Language Institute and FSI there is no doubting Transparent Language’s reputation. Transparent Italian is lite weight when compared against Rocket Italian, and you’ll quickly notice that they teach you words that you’ll probably never use while in Italy. In my opinion Transparent Italian will teach you a solid vocabulary list, but it will not teach you to speak Italian fluently.

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Transparent have a 6 month full refund policy

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