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Transparent German Premium Edition is an immersion course that enables learners to take basic vocabulary and quickly progress to more advanced comprehension and use. Grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, and conversation practice are emphasized through German texts, videos, and stories.

Transparent German is a full language learning course with a lesson plan designed to develop your conversational fluency in German. With his German learning course you will get Lessons covering over 15,000 German words and phrases; Full-motion immersion video; Native speaker audio; Interactive conversation practice with play-back; MP3 audio for iPod and other plays; Interactive games; Online proficiency tests; iTunes upload for on-the-go German learning; Byki online workplace for even more German practice and more features.

Each lessons follows a simple and effective three-step process:

  1. Build your vocabulary base with the integrated Byki learning engine.
  2. Explore native language texts, videos, and stories as you immerse yourself in the German language.
  3. Produce spoken German by participating in conversational role-plays and dialogs.

Transparent German Premium Edition will help you:

  • Rapidly build and retain a German vocabulary base
  • Develop listening comprehension
  • Learn to read and write in German
  • Learn to express yourself in spoken German

As you progress through Premium’s lessons, you’ll find yourself communicating in German without having to think about it – just like you do in English!

Transparent German Review



  • Now Transparent is Mac and PC supported, you can get both Mac and PC versions only one time fee.
  • Easy to learn German vocabulary with the Byki German flash card system. It is the program’s strongest feature and is great beginner Spanish tool.
  • A step-by-step comprehensive course, great learning process
  • Voice-recognition feature, including the graphs and scoring is good quality and helps to teach you German pronunciation quickly.
  • More competitive price than Tell me More German or Fluenz German

  • The course is a compilation of different programs by the Transparent Language and lacks an overall integration of these tools.
  • Not suitable for more advanced German learners. Another program purchase might be necessary, Rocket German / Pimsleur German
  • Uer Interface design is not so good

Ease of Use

The installation process is as simple as putting in the DVD and clicking install. There are multiple programs that will be installed from the one DVD so it does take a few minutes to copy files and install each program.


Byki has a great flash card teaching method. It helps you learn 2,000 essential words and 500 phrases. It teaches you German in fun games. There’s an accompanying mp3 audio for you to learn on the go which is very handy if you are not in front of your computer.

Byki German focus on vocabulary and does not pay much attention to the written language. It lacks grammar and conversation practice which is essential for fluent speaking.


German Complete Edition offers FAQs and updates from their homepage along with email and phone support. You will find a tutorial that walks you through the basics of using the program and plenty of helpful hints as you go from feature to feature. The program also includes help which covers almost every problem that you can run into and gives a brief explanation on how things work.

Finally, if you want to study basic German in a fun manner, this effective program will be a perfect option for you. Transparent  German is a great vocabulary and grammar learning software program for beginners with many beneficial features.

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Transparent have a 6 month full refund policy

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