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Transparent Language was formed in 1991 and is a leading provider of language learning products. Schools, Universities and US Government Agencies including the FSI and the Defence Language Institute are clients. Transparent products are recognised for their quality and effectiveness.

Transparent Mandarin Chinese Complete edition is an affordable and comprehensive language program that blends BYKI Deluke, Everywhere Chinese and Chinese Premier Edition into one package. The contents include an extensive range of multimedia functions including computer programs, online resources, mp3 files, audio lessons, and more. Explore lessons, games, immersion videos, and stories as you achieve Complete Mandarin proficiency.

What Make Transparent Unique?

Start by rapidly building your vocabulary base with Byki Deluxe. Byki’s memory algorithm technology will tailor your learning based on your own strengths and weaknesses. Record your voice and compare it alongside native speaker audio. Play games, take quizzes, and track your progress; Byki is a language-learning powerhouse!

Take your learning on the road with Everywhere Chinese audio lessons. (iPod Video or nano required to display pictures and play sounds. Other MP3 players can play sounds, but may not support picture display)

Develop your written and verbal skills with the Transparent Chinese Premium Edition, a full course with lesson plans to develop your conversational skills. Native language texts, videos, and stories immerse you in the Chinese language. Premium will condition you to communicate without having to think about it – just like you do in English.

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Transparent Chinese Review



  • Everywhere audio Chinese course, so you can take it with your ipod or whatever.
  • A step-by-step comprehensive course, great learning process
  • Online community for sharing
  • More competitive price than Tell me More Chinese or Rosetta Stone Chinese

  • Windows Only, you can’t run transparent software on a MAC
  • Too complex for chinese beginers
  • Uer Interface design is not so good

Transparent claims that if you learn with their software, you will never forget what you’ve learned.  It takes a while to complete each lesson, but once you finish it, you have done, all using different games and activities that keep you from getting bored. Also, their learning process is great. I loved learning vocabulary with the Byki Deluxe. And when I was finished with it, I was well prepared to jump into the main software.

Finally, I love their online community, where you can share your custom vocabulary lists, as well as download lists make by others–this keeps your software valuable even after you’ve learned everything in it.

With clients such as the US Defence Language Institute and FSI there is no doubting Transparent Language’s reputation. In my opinion Transparent Chinese is a comprehensive course that is well suited to an experienced self-learner who is wanting to study Mandarin Chinese from home.

While I like this software, there are a few improvements that could be made. First, the design looks pretty dated. When you open it, you don’t see something that looks like the latest and greatest Apple product. Also, in my opinion, it could use a bit of instruction in regards to pronouncing pinyin. They jump right in to Chinese characters, which is kind of difficult.

For students who have not previously experienced learning a second language I believe that Transparent Chinese may be a little too advanced. For most of us, the best way to learn chinese is live in china, if you got a plan for china trip, Rocket Chinese or Pismleur Chinese are both better choices, this two chinese learning software will help you improve conversational chinese skill in short time.

However, with such a complete course being delivered at a very competitive price I would advise all Mandarin Students to check it out.

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Transparent have a 6 month full refund policy

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