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Tell Me More Japanese uses a wide variety of tools to teach Japanese, and the program creates an immersion environment to help you learn Japanese intuitively.

Tell Me More uses a speech recognition system to help you practice what you have learned. But one of the best parts about using Tell Me More is getting access to forums and live chats with native speakers. It must be said that the chat options for the Japanese product are older and less useful than the options that come with Tell Me More products for other languages. Nevertheless, they are still quite useful for practicing what you learn.

In fact, the whole program seems to be old when compared with the other language products from Tell Me More. This is part of the reason why it didn’t make it to the #1 slot of toptenreviews(Rosetta Stone Japanese). Another reason is that the immersion environment is pretty deep at first. Tell Me More doesn’t start off simple, instead throwing you into conversations from the beginning without any direction. But even with these problems, Tell Me More still excels at helping you learn Japanese, and there are so many different methods of learning that there’s bound to be a method that works for you.

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Tell me More Japanese Features

With transcriptions in Rômaji (the Latin alphabet), TELL ME MORE® Japanese covers all the essentials of learning the language: command of the principal characters (Kanji and Kana), comprehension, pronunciation, written expression and grammar. Developed in collaboration with the Japanese Institute of Languages


Interactive Dialogues

Have a free-flowing, interactive conversation with your computer, and perfect your pronunciation with over 1,500 words and phrases found in the dialogues. The dialogues are based on everyday conversation and are supplemented by 400 photos that illustrate Japanese culture.

8,000-word glossary

Enrich your vocabulary with a glossary of over 8,000 recorded words.


Consult 60 key Japanese grammar points, presented in a simple and concise manner.

Animated demonstrations of the characters

Increase your knowledge and understanding of the Japanese characters with 46 exclusive animated demonstrations of Hiragana and Katakana.

Over 1500 Japanese Exercises

Increase your knowledge and understanding of the course with a wide range of writing and listening activities referring to grammar and vocabulary points covered in the Japanese lessons.

Lesson Report

Maintain a thorough evaluation of your work on the 18 lessons and replay all your dialogues with the computer.

Japanese language and culture: an introductory manual

As a complement to the software, an introductory manual is offered, helping you in your first steps with the Japanese language, and allowing you to discover Japan’s fascinating cultural heritage.


State-of-the-art Speech Recognition

With speech recognition technology, TELL ME MORE® recognizes the four Japanese tones perfectly, assesses your pronunciation and corrects any mistakes. By using the waveform and pitch curve displays as visual aids, you can improve both pronunciation and intonation.

Spoken Error Tracking System: S.E.T.S.®

TELL ME MORE® pinpoints and highlights mispronounced words within individual sentences using the exclusive S.E.T.S.® technology (Spoken Error Tracking System).

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Tell me More Language Learning Software

Reviews From Tell me More Japanese Users

Great for my classes and students, March 23, 2006 –

By Tomoko Yokota

I am a Japanese teacher at a community college and use this software TeLL me More in my classes. I also recommend it to my students as I believe it is very well structured and the only good software out there. Also, I happen to be Japanese and feel pretty confident talking English, I was very shocked why the other review mentions that Japanese people cannot talk English as I believe I am succesful at doing it, so immersion works!

Also, the speech recognition works great, it can even tell you within a sentence which word you did not pronounce right. I use that part as a a complement of my classes, having all my students sit down in the lab and pronounce the words. Overall, it is a great learning tool

Good Software, but the navigation is strange, February 28, 2007 –

By E.Ramos (Arizona)

Overall, I liked the software and felt as if I learned a little from it. Although upon starting the software, I was confused as far as where I should start. It give me no indication of what I should do in order or how to proceed.


By Robrt M.Leifels


Tell me More Japanese Review –

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This Tell Me More Japanese review provides an overview of the features that you will find within the product and my opinion of their benefits and potential limitations.

Tell Me More Japanese has some very good features one being the voice recognition programme that allows you to practice your pronunciation and tells you how close you are.

This is a good feature but not essential as you will learn the finer points of pronunciation best from speaking with Japanese people or simply listening to Japanese DVD’s or T.V. shows which you can easily do for free online. Just go to You Tube to start with.

Tell Me More Japanese does seem to kick things off pretty rapidly so be prepared to be calling upon the vocab tool because you will most likely need it should the pace be too fast for you.The course is delivered in a very interactive manner with images and audio which makes learning and participating enjoyable.

There is also a translating tool that you can use to find out what words means on the spot.

However don’t be fooled with these extra features because I have come across heaps of free translators online that I use and they very effective.

Included as part of the course is the online forum and chat. These aspects of the course allow you to interact with other Japanese students and post questions that you may be stuck on.

As far as ease of use goes with Tell Me More Japanese it is not that easy to navigate around. I like a very straight forward lesson plan and path with a site that is simple to find my way around and in my opinion this is lacking with the product.

In summary Tell Me More Japanese is a good product that is for sure, but I don’t think it is the best. When you consider the cost of $295 I think that it is not the best option when there are other courses available that are better for under half that price.

The best course that I have found and I have looked at a lot of learn Japanese courses is Rocket Japanese. This product has got all the bells and whistles of a world class language learning product and is created by the very professional language giants ‘Rocket Languages’. What more they are pricing the course currently at only $99.

I am happy using Rocket Japanese and recommend the course. You can have a look at their website for yourself here: Visit Rocket Japanese Website

Tell me More Japanese Review – TopTenReviews


The progress tracking feature in Tell Me More Japanese is initially confusing, but it accurately catalogs your progress and your performance. Another problem with Tell Me More are the learning paths. The order of lessons is fully customizable, but there isn’t much structure regarding lesson order. Tell Me More gives no direction on where to start, which is nice for independent learners but may be challenging for structured learners.

We were disappointed that Tell Me More doesn’t have lessons that are compatible with mobile devices. Many other Japanese programs are now including lessons for a PDA or MP3 player so you can learn anywhere.


Tell Me More Japanese covers all the fundamentals through a series of modules that teach vocabulary and grammar about specific subjects. The grammar lessons are less interactive than some other Learn Japanese software, resembling a grammar textbook more than anything. This is offset by the Tell Me More Japanese speech recognition system where you can practice and refine conversations and pronunciation.

Ease of Use:

Tell Me More Japanese isn’t as easy to use as it should be. There are a series of icons along the bottom representing different areas of the program, but they aren’t labeled well and it’s difficult to know exactly what you are clicking. The same is true for tabs or options within the Tell Me More activities themselves. You’ll find yourself doing a lot of trial and error navigation at first.

Teaching Tools:

There are a wide variety of teaching tools to use in Tell Me More Japanese. The standard uses a combination of images, voice clips of native speakers and text from the Japanese alphabets. Tell Me More punctuates this with the occasional video or culture lesson. Some of the most effective tools are the speech recognition system, which lets you practice speaking and get immediate feedback on your accent, and the online chat, which lets you practice what you have learned with native speakers.

Word Tools:

Tell Me More Japanese has one of the best selections of word tools you will find in Learn Japanese software. It allows you to translate any word you see quickly and easily. This feature will be invaluable in the beginning when you are dropped in the middle of Japanese without any introductory lessons. Tell Me More also has information about the hiragana, katakana and kanji alphabets.

Tech Support:

Auralog, the manufacturer of Tell Me More Japanese, includes tutorials and user guides to help you learn how the program works. You can also contact Auralog through phone or email if you have technical issues with the software.


Tell Me More Japanese offers an effective speech recognition tool and online chats with native Japanese speakers to teach and refine your skills as you learn Japanese. Cultural lessons and educational videos round out this media rich program. Be prepared for a steeper learning curve than the top-ranked product, but once you’ve mastered the navigation, you’ll find Tell Me More Japanese is one of the most useful and engaging Learn Japanese software programs available.

TELL ME MORE Language Software

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Rocket Language Japanese Learning Software

Rocket Japanese is my top most recommendation for anybody who wants to master the Japanese language. Designed as a course to take you from novice level to an intermediate level in less than eight weeks, this stuff delivers the best. I have had a number of students who have followed this with my classes and the results have been amazing.

As a Japanese Teacher, I know that students have biggest difficulty with mastering things like Japanese Grammar and Vocabulary. Learning pronunciation is also a tricky issue. Rocket Japanese solves these issues effectively with audio courses and software. There are interactive games that make learning vocabulary a breeze.

Other thing that helps you learn Japanese really fast with Rocket Japanese is the fact that you can learn at your own pace. Unlike a classroom session where you are forced to learn at the pace of the rest of the the class, with Rocket Japanese you can go with your comfort level.

Even though I have mentioned this course as the best course for learning Japanese fast, it does not stops there. For those who want to take their Japanese to next level, Rocket Japanese covers the advanced topics equally well. The technical aspects of grammar, colloquial usage, pronunciation are equally well covered.

I really can’t recommend Rocket Japanese any stronger, if you want to take your Japanese to the next level, then go check out the site today. At $99 (for a limited time), this stuff is nearly available for free. Other comparable packages like Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur Japanese cost from $500 to $1000 and provide lesser value for money. There is no waiting time and it is available to get you started right now.

Rosetta Stone Japanese Learning Software

This is my second favourite product because it’s quite comprehensive. Compared to Rocket Japanese this offers lesser value for money, but they have also done a fairly good job – much better than paying a couple of hundred dollars for classes.

However, this product requires you to be online, a big handicap. I could not listen to it in car or load it up my mp3 player. I won’t recomment this to those people who cannot stick to long hours on computer.

Rosetta Stone has a reputation in field of linguistic training and they have lived up to the reputation. However, if you want to buy only one product that meets all your needs, Rocket Japanese is the product to get!

Transparent Japanese Learning Software

Transparent Language focuses on learning software that will help those who are just starting to learn a language and want to make it a reality in no time. The Japanese Complete Edition is designed to teach the basics of Japanese; you will learn grammar, vocabulary, the Japanese alphabet and much more as you study.

The Japanese Complete Edition focuses on not only the basics of learning Spanish but also on retention. Any Japanese learning software can teach vocabulary and the fundamentals of Japanese but not all can help you retain that knowledge. With a helpful pie graph to show what you have learned and remind you of information and learning techniques that may not be fresh in your mind, you will always stay on top of your game.

However no matter how good Japanese Complete Edition is there are always things that bring it down in the ranks. A few features that gave our top two reviews a lead over Japanese Complete Edition is the fact that they have online chat with real Japanese natives and improved feature for pronunciation. The ability to talk to someone speaking the same language you are learning is one of the biggest advantages you can get. The only drawback is the fact that they missed out on important information regarding the Japanese alphabets. There are only two alphabets talked about in the program, Hiragana and Katakana, while there are actually three alphabets and not all are addressed in this program.

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