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Tell Me More German clearly leads the field in german language learning. Their state-of-the-art speech recognition technology is far and beyond the best we’ve seen in other learn German software products.

As you learn German and become more confident, Tell Me more grows with you. We reviewed the first two levels of the Performance edition; however, Auralog also sells boxed sets of 5 levels and all 10 levels for intermediate and advanced learning. This program is sophisticated and professional. Auralog designed Tell Me More German for someone who truly wants to learn and master the German language.

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Tell me More German V.10 Features

Tell me More German
The new TELL ME MORE® version 10 is a true milestone in language learning. Developed by a team of language experts, TELL ME MORE® leverages the renowned Communicative Approach, a methodology used in schools and universities around the world. TELL ME MORE® implements this methodology using the exclusive PRIME approach.

Tell me More Version 10 German have 4 german learning programs, include 10 levels, 5 levels, 2 levels and Tell me More German 10+2 business levels. You can choose a suitable learning plan with the situation of your german level.

Features Comparison of All German Learning Programs

German Learning Program TELL ME MORE version 10 German (10 Levels) TELL ME MORE version 10 German (5 Levels) TELL ME MORE version 10 German (2 Levels) TELL ME MORE version 10 German(10+2 business levels)
Price US$649.00 US$449.00 US$229.00 MSRP: US$799.00 US$699.00
Final Target TELL ME MORE® v10 German 10 Levels will allow you to master german, providing you with the most complete and extensive offer to learn German.
TELL ME MORE® v10 German 5 Levels will allow you to significantly increase your German language skills.
TELL ME MORE® v10 German 2 Levels will allow you to jumpstart your German language skills.
TELL ME MORE® v10 German 10+2 Business Levels will allow you to master German, and also conduct business in German with 2 exclusive levels of business German.
Learning Level * Contains 10 distinct levels of content, from Beginner to Advanced.
* 20 hours of interactive video.
* 20,000 exercises that keep your learning fresh and engaging
* After taking a placement test, you can choose 5 consecutive levels amongst 10 distinct levels of content, from Beginner to Advanced.
* 10 hours of interactive video.
* 10,000 exercises that keep your learning fresh and engaging.
* After taking a placement test, you can choose 2 consecutive levels amongst 10 distinct levels of content, from Beginner to Advanced.
* 2 hours of interactive video.
* 4,000 exercises that keep your learning fresh and engaging.
* 12 consecutive levels of content, from Beginner to Advanced to Business Levels.
* 22 hours of interactive video.
* 21,800 exercises that keep your learning fresh and engaging.
90-day Money Back Yes Yes Yes Yes

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Tell me More Language Learning Software

New Features of Tell me More German Version 10

New User Interface

The clean lines, uncluttered screens, simple icons, tight color scheme and overall usability makes your language learning fun and easy.

New Activity

The Virtual Conversation activity engages you in an interactive conversation environment featuring a variety of characters.

New Tracking Tools

Visualize your progress throughout the entire program.


– An exclusive Progress Test to evaluate your progress.
– A 24/7 Online Adviser.


– The most advanced speech recognition on the market, allowing you to significantly improve your pronunciation.
– S.E.T.S. (Spoken Error Tracking System) technology that pinpoints mispronounced words.
– A role play activity that allows you to play a character in an original TV series.


– On your PocketPC (MPEG videos, audio files, cultural texts, etc.)
– On your MP3 player (Including iPods and other MP3 devices)
– On audio CDs.
– On printable vocabulary lists and grammatical explanations.

Reviews From Tell me More German Users

Powerful, Complete Product, – August 31, 2009 –

By Don Pritchett(Lynchburg, VA United States) – Amazon Verified Purchase

This is the most comprehensive German language software I have used, and, for me, its definitely a ‘5’. I’ve used Rosetta Stone (ver 3, levels 1-3) and Rocket German (basic and More Rocket German packages, and they are excellent in their own right, but this package has it all.

I suspect that some of the negative reviews may stem from there being so much here, that it takes a some exploration to find and use everything. A new user should definitely watch the tutorial and at least browse through the manual. Then get going, and click on the buttons to see what a wealth of material is there.

So, what’s to like? Let me count the ways …. There is a test you can take to establish your level of learning so you can start at an appropriate level. There are three learning modes — free style, guided, and dynamic that you can choose (and switch) between that determines how the program presents lessons to you. Do you want the complete program or just want to concentrate on oral expression or just written communications? You can set you goals so the program tailors its presentation to your goal. Need to understand grammar or see a translation of a phrase or word? There are buttons to click that bring up that info. Want to study a vocabulary list before you try the exercises? It’s there too. In fact, there are materials that cover culture, grammar, and geography outside the exercises, including printable vocabulary and grammar materials. You can download audio lessons to your iPod or other mp3 device to listen to on the go.

The exercises cover a variety — speaking and listening, writing and reading, grammar, vocabulary and culture using audio, video, crosswords, fill in the blanks, matching, unscramble the sentences and other exercises. You get feedback right away, and you can even “give up” and see the answer if necessary. When speaking, the program displays graphs that let you compare your timing and pitch versus the native speaker, and a bar graph that shows how close you are. I have not found it that difficult and like the extensive feedback it provides. You do have to click to tell the program you are done practicing a phrase — otherwise it will keep repeating it so you can practice. This is not like Rosetta that turns green and moves on to the next phrase automatically.

I’m running it on a few years old laptop (originally with Windows XP), but now using a beta version of Windows 7 and everything runs smoothly and quickly. The 10 levels are on a DVD i.e., while some components are installed on your hard drive, you still have to insert the disk to run the program).

My bottom line is that this is an superb, comprehensive program that is well worth the price.

Amazing Product!, March 14, 2008 –

By Gypsyrose “Sophia”

I speak some Spanish from my high school days so when I needed to learn German for my job, I figured I could pick up any software, along with a translation book, and be fluent in no time. Boy, was I wrong! For those of you who don’t know, German is a difficult language to master.

But, once I found TELL ME MORE, I was impressed. Without a doubt, they have the best product on the market today for the money. The speech recognition technology is amazing- it actually picks up words you mis-pronounce, highlights them and allows you to work on them specifically. It’s almost like having a 24/7 language coach and with my hectic schedule, studying German at midnight is a reality. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to learn a language. Next one for me- Italian!

It Has Been a Blast, October 16, 2008 –

By Kevin Kinderen(Falls Church, VA) – Amazon Verified Purchase

I enjoy learning new things not related to work. I decided to try to pick up a language after basically failing Latin and French back in Junior High and High School (back in the 70’s). It was Rosetta Stone that got me interested but before I purchased it I decided to look for other suggestions.

I found some references to Tell Me More! around the web and decided I’d try this instead of Rosetta. I couldn’t compare one to the other but I have been very pleased with Tell Me More!

At first it was a bit difficult to get started. I first took a look at the User Manual. I was a little confused about activation and found out it wasn’t necessary as I had bought the full product.

I then went to the Activity Guide and I took one of the statements there a little too seriously. In the AG it says “It is not necessary to read this guide in its entirety before beginning your training. You can refer to it at any time by simply referring to the relevant sections.” So I dove in. Big mistake. I suggest reading the Activity Guide through at least once. Otherwise you’ll have no clue what Tell Me More! is trying to teach you. Once I got through the AG things really started picking up.

Another issue I have is the screen resolution requirements. I run a much higher resolution than required. Unfortunately, this cuts off the ends of some words. I either live with it or change my screen resolution when running the program (which is kind of a pain).

Finally, I’ve never been able to reach Live Help. Not a big deal though I would like to ask them about the screen resolution issue.

Other than those minor issues, I have learned tons – or at least a lot more about German than I ever knew before. I really enjoy going to the computer and spending an hour in the evenings going through the dialogs and activities. I particularly find the feature where it rates me on my pronunciation helpful. I’ve thrown in a few glitches in my pronunciation on purpose and noticed the program would rate me very low. It isn’t easy to fool.

I use an mp3 player at work. Tell Me More! allows me to save .wav files of dialogs to play back while at work. This has helped tremendously. To a certain extent I’m memorizing the dialogs but listening to native speakers has been a great help in really absorbing the language. A friend of mine at work throws some phrases at me and I can actually understand the words enough to spell them and work out what he’s saying.

I can’t wait to get further along in the lessons. Right now I’m fairly comfortable at reading some very simple German Readers and I’m still working through Lesson 1. I have to use a dictionary to help with the translation but I’m surprised at how much I’ve already picked up.

As I said, I’m doing this for fun and with nothing really to lose. The program is written well enough and challenges me enough to keep me very interested in progressing. I highly recommend Tell Me More! German and would guess the other languages are at least as good. Have fun!

Tell me More German Review –

Special Holiday Savings from TELL ME MORE

Those days of signing up and qualifying yourself into special classes to learn your favorite foreign language are long gone. With so many online tutorials and learning programs that comprise a wide spread of activities and lessons, you can master any language without practically any difficulty at all.

Software like Tell Me More German is one of those packages that teach you all that is required to master the language.

What To Expect

Tell Me More German is a complete course package that covers both beginner and advanced level. This software is considered as one of the most reliable and quality learning programs. The software is easy to install and user friendly.

Tell Me More German comes with three modes of lessons Dynamic, Free to roam and Guided. Beginners are supposed to start with the Guided lessons to get their basics and foundation right. After a thorough understanding of the Guided lessons, you can move on to the Free to roam or Dynamic lessons which are more of an advanced level.

You have the option of listening to the instructions in either German or English. You can also copy the audio lessons into a separate CD to listen to it even while you’re away from the computer.

Track Your Progress

Tell Me More German comes with a score sheet and a progress chart that helps you to track your own progress. You can maintain a track of your exercise scores and the number of activities completed. You can also set up an account with different users and keep a track of everyone’s progress. This way you can mark your own progress and work on your skills accordingly. The software also provides you with an 8000-word audible dictionary and a grammar guide. The latest edition also has maps, cultural text on biographical, geographical and historical topics.

Speech Recognition Software

Tell Me More German helps you to listen to the words recorded by the narrator and then pronounce it to improve your skills for the language. Auralog tools help you to improve your pronunciation and play a big role in mastering the language too. The current version allows you to learn 850 hours of German language through more than 4,000 exercises. Four lesson CD Rom and audio CD covers is all that you required learning the language easily.


Tell Me More German is highly recommended as it has high quality content and most importantly, it is user friendly. The built in help provides all the information relevant to the course. Compared to its competitor Rosetta stone, Tell Me More German stands out as it comes with a head set and a microphone for listening and speech practice.

Tell me More German Review – TopTenReviews

Ease of Use:

Tell Me More German has a professional appearance and navigation system. A novice will appreciate the Guided Mode, which leads language learners step by step through the learn German process.

Feature Set:

Tell Me More has an extensive feature set. The program offers you unsurpassed tracking abilities so you can set realistic goals and then hold yourself to them. Tracking progress in language learning is vital to success, and no software we tried does this as well as Tell Me More German.

This language program is designed to fit a variety of learning needs. Not everyone learns the same way, so Tell Me More German includes three modes of study that you can choose throughout your German learning experience. Each offers different exercises and methods so you can fully customize how you learn German.

As stated above, Tell Me More German clearly dominates speech recognition technology for German language software. The software evaluated our German pronunciation and automatically detected and corrected our errors. This learn German program also includes 3-D animations to illustrate exact lip and mouth movements to help you pronounce correctly.

Tell Me More German is rich in features that are not only interesting, but useful. For example, when we recorded speech to compare to a native speaker in most other learn German programs, the software would either crash the computer, lack accuracy, or simply not work at allm; but with Tell Me More German, it worked flawlessly.

Ease of Installation:

There was no problem installing Tell Me More German Intelligent Solution


The Help section for this learn German software is excellent. Auralog did a superb job; every screen has a help button that covers most concerns. The help is content-sensitive, so the help you receive is relevant to where you are in the program. Tell Me More offers a guided tutorial on each page that walks you through all of the functions available to you in that area.

Tell Me More German includes an Internet access button that takes you to the Auralog website, where you can view an online user manual, FAQs and the latest updates. They also offer a German club and German language tutoring services. The technical support telephone number for Auralog is (888) 388-3535.


Tell Me More German effectively covers all key fundamentals to give German language students a solid foundation to learn German. Reading and writing German language fundamentals are vital if you want to not just learn German, but master it. This program covers all these fundamentals and more.


Tell Me More German will teach you the skills necessary to give you the confidence to converse in German. If you are willing to invest the time, Tell Me More German will teach you German quickly and effectively.


Tell Me More German is the best option available for you to learn German. Don’t let the high price tag fool you; this learn German software is well worth the price.

TELL ME MORE Language Software

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Rocket German Learning Software

“…most importantly for me, it’s fun. I’m really enjoying doing the lessons; I’m enjoying making the new sounds and learning the new words….”

Guten Tag, ich heiße Chris, ich komme aus New Zealand and I’ve been doing Rocket German Premium for about a month now.

I would definitely recommend it to other people and here are a few reasons why.

First and most importantly for me, it’s fun. I’m really enjoying doing the lessons; I’m enjoying making the new sounds and learning the new words. The lessons are paced about right, it’s not boring, but it’s not overwhelming at the same time.

Also it’s quite convenient. I can download the MP3’s to my iPod and take them with me. I can download the PDF’s to my laptop with the grammar exercises. And if I don’t have my laptop or my MP3 player on me, I can get them from the website which is a few clicks away. There’s no bulky books or CD’s to carry around with me whenever I want them.

Also the course is really good value for money. I’ve done a few language courses before and they can be quite expensive.

I got a number of German friends where I live and I’m already trying out what I know on them, and that’s good fun.

In a months time I’m going to Europe. I’m going to Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Heidelberg and I really can’t wait to practice what I know on my friends over there and the “man on the street”. And I think the main benefit of this course is that now I have the confidence to do so.

I really enjoyed this course. I recommend Rocket German Premium and I think you’ll like it too. So danke schön for listening to me auf Wiedersehen.

Chris Dawson
New Zealand

Rosetta Stone German Learning Software

It has been a trend or perhaps a norm now to learn and understand new languages. Many people nowadays especially young students love to travel to different countries and research on their cultures. But communication in different languages becomes a barrier and hence many are now taking up foreign languages as an additional subject or even learning the language at home.

German is definitely one of the many languages that people are learning and mastering it nowadays. To help you learn this language efficiently numerous companies came up with various learning kits or software. Rosetta Stone is one of those software that is designed to make your learning easy with its quality images and texts.

Simplistic But Effective

Rosetta stone was designed in a simple manner and it’s easy to understand. Someone who doesn’t know much or even clueless about the language can find it easy to learn with the help of this software. It is adaptable and user friendly. The regular tutorials give you a preview of learning exercises to give you an idea about what each lesson is going to teach you.

Rosetta Stone Features

The software comprises of good quality pictures that symbolize the words or terms or phrases in German language. This program also helps to increase your vocabulary and brush up your pronunciations. You can listen to the audio and practice the words by reciting it after the narrator. Rosetta stone comes with a special program that can detect and correct your pronunciation. It acts like a teacher who can correct you immediately after your mistake.

However, to take full advantage of the speech recognition technology you will have to have a headset or you may not be able to make use of the special facility. Rosetta Stone also includes a great selection of activities and exercises to help you to learn the language. Activities like matching the right picture with the right German word or selecting the correct picture after hearing the German audio makes it easy and fun to learn the language.

Great Help & Support

Rosetta stone mainly works on increasing your vocabulary that is essential for any other language to master it. The best part about Rosetta stone is that it provides a help button on every page which comes in handy whenever you need help at any stage of your progress. You can also make use of the email and tech support available from Monday to Friday.

Rosetta stone is a fairly good program to learn German language. Quality content and activities make Rosetta stone an effective tool to understand the language.

Transparent German Learning Software

With Transparent German Complete Edition, you will be able to learn the basics of German while using two main programs: Transparent Language and Byki. These products work hand in hand to help people of any age learn to read, write, speak, and most of all understand German. With hundreds of vocabulary, speech recognition, grammar and many other features German Complete Edition has everything you need to make learning fun and effective. Take your learning on the go with iPod and MP3 player tools to help you learn anywhere and anytime you please.

Tell me More German Review4.5admin2011-11-04 07:10:54Tell Me More German clearly leads the field in german language learning. Their state-of-the-art speech recognition technology is far and beyond the be…

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