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TELL ME MORE Chinese (3 levels of learning) Focusing on Mandarin Chinese, simplified writing and Pinyin, TELL ME MORE® covers all the essential areas of language learning: command of over 800 basic characters, comprehension, pronunciation, written expression and grammar. Developed in collaboration with INALCO (National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations).

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Tell me More Chinese Features


ChinesePodInteractive Dialogues

Have a free-flowing, interactive conversation with your computer, and perfect your pronunciation with over 1,500 words and phrases found in the dialogues. The dialogues are based on everyday conversation and are supplemented by 400 photos that illustrate Chinese culture.

8,000-word glossary

Enrich your vocabulary with a glossary of over 8,000 recorded words.


Consult 60 key Chinese grammar points, presented in a simple and concise manner.

Animated demonstrations of the characters

Increase your knowledge and understanding of the Chinese characters with 46 exclusive animated demonstrations of Hiragana and Katakana.

Over 1500 Chinese Exercises

Increase your knowledge and understanding of the course with a wide range of writing and listening activities referring to grammar and vocabulary points covered in the Chinese lessons.

Lesson Report

Maintain a thorough evaluation of your work on the 18 lessons and replay all your dialogues with the computer.


State-of-the-art Speech Recognition

With speech recognition technology, TELL ME MORE® recognizes the four Chinese tones perfectly, assesses your pronunciation and corrects any mistakes. By using the waveform and pitch curve displays as visual aids, you can improve both pronunciation and intonation.

Spoken Error Tracking System: S.E.T.S.®

TELL ME MORE® pinpoints and highlights mispronounced words within individual sentences using the exclusive S.E.T.S.® technology (Spoken Error Tracking System).

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Tell me More Language Learning Software

Reviews From Tell me More Chinese Users

No Instruction, July 20, 2006 –

By TS (Chicago, IL)

This software is basically a series of exercises. I’m sure it’s great if you are working in a classroom setting towards Chinese proficiency, but it’s basically a $175 paper weight (and free headphone / microphone) if you don’t already have a good basic knowledge of the chinese language.

The exercises themselves seem pretty good — nice layout, easy to understand, and generally pretty useful. The fatal flaw though remains the lack of instruction. The software functions much more effectively as a series of quizzes than as a tool to improve one’s ability.

For the record, I speak three languages fluently. If I may be so bold, I don’t think that it’s operator error.

Chinese with a bang, February 23, 2007 –

By Toby Eastland (Dallas, Tx)

THis program allows you to learn the language from many different angles. THe program allows you to work on grammmar, pronunciation, tone, and the begining of writing charaters. It helps you to make mental connections between concepts and words. I found the program extremely helpful in learning the basics of the language and continuing on to harder content.

where is the instruction? – February 26, 2008 –

By Sticky Wich (Colorado)

About 18 months ago we bought this prior to our Asia trip. It was nearly incomprehensible before we left, and I convinced myself I was missing something or was impatient. After our return and several hours of “discovery” as described by others it was clear level 1 has no guided instruction to speak of.

We’re going back to Asia, and I found myself today looking for a deal on Rosetta Stone or Fluenz. That’s when I was reminded by that burning in my gut for having paid retail for this product. It makes me mad because we’ve dropped about $400 on this and other tools to this point and there is a severe lack of methodology, so let me point people to the closest, most informed thing I’ve discovered related to Chinese instruction. On the web site “doubting to shua” you will find a lot of discussion of Chinese instruction products.

I may try Rosetta Stone, but I am really beginning to believe an online college course is going to be the only thing with satisfactory structure for someone who wants to speak and read. I will say Pimsleur’s cheap level one (8 disc, 16 lesson) introduction has been the best learning tool so far. We are 100% on the four tonal influences after that. I was also able to get us onto the correct bus in Taipei as a result. Native speakers can’t always succeed getting the right bus.

Fortunately, China is the largest English speaking country in the world, and they treat you like a rock star when you earnestly attempt to communicate in Chinese. To be fair I’m, going to do what I should have done 18 months ago. I’m going to write Tell Me More and find out if there is an update with guidance. If there was some guidance I believe this could be the best product out there. At the same time I also can’t figure out what the three images have to do with the word you are matching. I was pretty successful in the first Myst trilogy and I do nothing but problem solving for a living, but I couldn’t break the code on this product.

Maybe this is a test and NSA is going to pop up with a giant signing bonus and license to kill for the first person to decipher this product. If so, it probably won’t be me because I’ll be hiring a personal tutor and going to language school when we go back to Asia.

TELL ME MORE Language Software

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Rocket Language Chinese Learning Software

I have so many things to say about Rocket Chinese I don’t know where to start. How about the beginning…

I have been interested in learning Chinese for a year now. I have five programs, three I obtained for free and two I paid for. Of the three I found for free, one came from my local library, I didn’t feel bad about making a copy because they are public domain, two I down loaded from the Internet and there was no charge.

They are all good programs, I know because I am very critical and skeptical due to the numbers of programs available, I felt I could go broke trying to find a good teaching program for learning Chinese.

Of the two programs that I bought one was from a University and one is the Rocket Chinese language course. The one from the University is good, but I expected much more form a University language course and it is no where near as comprehensive as Rocket Chinese, but to keep things honest, I paid less for the University course. I feel fortunate to have found Rocket Chinese and I bought the course after being my usual skeptical critical self, and partaking in the Rocket Chinese free sample lessons. After the sample lessons I was hooked and I am still.

The greatest benefit for me was the grammar part, because in the other lessons if the person I was trying to communicate with did not follow the sentence structure of the course material, I was totally lost. With Rocket Chinese I learned how the sentence were structured so I could then structure my own sentences, wow what a difference, oh yes, I still have a ways to go, but I am no longer a parrot, I’m a student. For the first time I feel like I can go to class, My computer that is, study and then go out into the world and apply what I have learned.

So what will you get out of the Rocket Chinese learning package, I don’t know that’s up to you. what I want to tell you is, learn from the year I spent searching for a complete learning course that will give you a fun exciting way to learn Chinese in a class room like setting and then start speaking Chinese right away and increase you knowledge at your own pace. You will learn the words, the sentence structure, the characters, and the culture of China so you will understand why you are saying the words you are saying.

I do not think you could possibility find a better choice for learning Chinese and you will not waste your time or money searching for what you want, Rocket Chinese has it all.

Steven Sexton,
CA, United States

Rosetta Stone Chinese Learning Software

Rosetta Stone language software is an excellent way to learn Mandarin Chinese. It provides a natural learning environment and the progressive lessons allow you to master vocabulary and grammar at a controlled pace.

The only thing Rosetta Stone cannot help you with is conversation. Work with a tutor for this – either in a classroom or one-on-one instruction – and you will get the necessary conversation practice. Rosetta Stone stands well on its own, but if you can combine it with classroom instruction you are well on the way to mastering Mandarin Chinese.

ChinesePod from PraxisLanguage

ChinesePod is probably the most well known podcast for learning chinese online.

The ChinesePod folks are based in Shanghai and their podcasts have always been well done and professionally put together. ChinesePod features five different levels of podcasts, Newbie, Elementary, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced. Personally, the Elementary level fits me quite nicely. Each lesson ranges from about 10-18 minutes long. Although I had never been a paying member, I have been a subscriber to their free podcasts via iTunes for a long time. Unfortunately, I just noticed recently though that their iTunes feed is no longer including any of the upper level podcasts, only their newbie ones. It’s kind of a shame, but I guess they have to pay the bills.

With that being said, Chinesepod does over a free 7-day trial of their services, so I decided to sign up to see what else they have to offer.

Transparent Chinese Learning Software

Transparent Chinese Complete Edition has been equipped with all the right ingredients to make learning Chinese both easy and fun.

Chinese Complete Edition is an assemble of several learning software which have been bundled together in one easy to follow package. The software is great for those who are just starting up as it has been geared up with just about everything from audio, video, grammar and countless other useful features that will encourage your mind to keep learning. Chinese Complete Edition works in tandem with Byki, Transparent Language’s complimentary program that uses flash cards, tests, online content and numerous other components that will help you learn effectively.

To further help you fine tune your skills on the move, Chinese Complete Edition comes along with five audio CDs jam-packed with more than 1200 PocketPC, iPod/iPhone and MP3 media files suitable for on the move learning.

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TELL ME MORE Chinese (3 levels of learning) Focusing on Mandarin Chinese, simplified writing and Pinyin, TELL ME MORE® covers all the essential are…

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