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Rosetta Stone German is in version 4 TOTALe which contains some new functions and fixes from version 3. The core teaching method is visual and audio using an associating technique. It’s a little different to the standard teaching methods offered by other competition software like Fluenz or Pimsleur Approach. However it works very well for some people and for some non visual / audio learners it will not.

It also comes as a physical product and box, with an accompanying USB headset and microphone. You can get Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 on Amazon, and get a disconted price.  The software works on both windows and mac plus you get an Audio companion which is multiple CD set.

From Rosetta Stone Version 4 TOTALe, the physical product is not necessary, you got a complete online access option on its official site, just $299/year. All features of Rosetta Stone German Version 4 can be accessed using any web enabled Mac or PC, in any browser. Rosetta Stone offers companion experiences for iPad®, iPhone® and iPod Touch®.

Rosetta Stone German Review


  • Comprehensive German learning course
  • Good interactive emphasis
  • Very easy to start using, you simply install and start using it. No learning curve required to use the program
  • Profile Builder in order to establish an identity on the web, and the option to set reminders of progress and practice.
  • Microphone is clearer and more designed for comfort, picks up less background noise.
  • Clear audio pronunciation of words and phrases with native German speakers.
  • 6 month return policy, so if you’re not satisfied, you could simply request your money back!
  • Mac/PC/IOS Surported

Excellent user experience. Polished interface. Highly intuitive. Strong tech support. Mobile component for on-the-go learning.


  • It provides ZERO language explanation, just vocabulary and phrases! That means it will leave you guessing the sentence structure, grammar, masculine and feminine, etc..
  • Written to teach English speaking people, not people who speak European or Asian languages
  • It teaches you the language, but it doesn’t tell you much about how to use it! Unlike Pimsleur German which teaches you step by step how to hold a conversation with German native speakers, Rosetta Stone German program doesn’t really stress that much its effort on this aspect of the French language, leaving you wondering where and how you ever would use the German phrases it teaches in a conversation.
  • Might not be a good choice if you’re after the grammar only, as the program focuses more on sentence structure rather than the grammar concepts.
  • More expensive than the other German teaching software, however, when compared with a full German course, you’ll find the price reasonable.
  • Not fully compatible with 64-bit Windows systems.

No cultural information. Language taught out of context. Expensive.

Ease of Use

Each exercise comes with a tutorial to assist you in your learning. The software is simple yet elegantly designed. You can find everything you need to know just through the software and on screen assistance.

Features and options in Rosetta Stone are simple to find, understand and control. Though the program offers tremendous versatility, we could always find our way around easily. In addition to the frequent tutorials that illustrate features, the program lets you preview each learning exercise so that you can become familiar with the goals of each lesson.


Rosetta Stone French is best for those who already can speak and understand basic German. HOWEVER, I am saying that Rosetta Stone German course is best for those, not only works for those! The course is designed basically for those who have no idea about German language.

Rosetta Stone German is also great for kids! I honestly think that it works for kids much better than it would for adults. Why? Because as you know, children have something for colors, pictures and interactive software, while we adults seem to have forgotten about all the fun that colors and pictures bring.

I have a special experience with Rosetta Stone Japanese that I wrote about here before, I think same applies to Rosetta Stone German, I bought Rosetta Stone program for my nephew and nieces, and it really was wonderful to see how much Japanese they learnt from Rosetta Sone! I think the very same would apply to Rosetta Stone German course. Kids LOVE Rosetta Stone!


The manual document included with the software is basic, but the software help section for this software is excellent-every screen has a help button that covers any number of concerns. The help is content-sensitive, too. Help you receive is relevant to where you are in the program.

Rosetta Stone offers a guided tutorial on every page. You may walk through a narration of all of the functions available to you in that area. The help button also takes you to where you can view several help documents as well as access email support. Their technical support telephone number is 1-800-788-0822. Live Tech Support is available Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM EST.

Fianal Words

In my opinion, Fluenz and Tell me More both perfect french learning for any leveled German learners. Tell me More German is more friendly for mobile devices, if you learn french most of the time at home, Fluenz puts great care into their product to make sure you come out speaking German like a champion!

Rosetta Stone is very suitable for kids, and it is best for those who already can speak and understand basic German. But with its expensive price, i don’t think it worth the price. If you don’t want to empty your pocket, then Rocket German or Pimsleur German will be better for time & money saving.

Rosetta Stone German Review3.8333333333333335admin2011-12-06 05:41:53Rosetta Stone German is in version 4 TOTALe which contains some new functions and fixes from version 3. The core teaching method is visual and audio u…

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