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Rosetta Stone relies on the picture-word association method to teach French. This is effective because it is also the way you learned English. Rosetta Stone helps you associate words and phrases with pictures that you recognize, slowly building a vocabulary. The interface is extremely simple and intuitive so that you can figure out how to operate it without any instruction. But the magical part is that you can also learn grammar along the way, without ever reading a single grammar rule. Speaking French, just like English, becomes innate.

Rosetta Stone also uses audio tracks and a speech recognition system to help you improve pronunciation, listening comprehension and conversation skills. Rosetta Stone manages to pack all the fundamentals into a simpler package than any other program. This learn French program isn’t perfect, though. Some of the things that kept Rosetta Stone from getting the top ranking was a lack of mobile compatibility, lack of culture lessons and the added expense of separate intermediate and advanced programs.

Pros and Cons of Rosetta Stone French


  • Easy installation and work on Macs or PCs.
  • Great French learning course for kids. As you konw, picture-word association method is  very suitable for kids to learn any language.
  • Beautiful visual layout and software style. Tell me More French, Fluenz & Rosetta Stone, they have a good user interface design, you  can learn french with a simple and intuitive way.
  • It shows you how vocabulary and phrases are written. This might sound simple to you, but it will mean something when you know that other language learning methods such as Pimsleur Approach and Michel Thomas mostly have no written material, so you have to guess how words are spelled.
  • Quizzes: Another simple feature of Rosetta Stone but it is really worth it! It gives you lots of language exercises and tests to help you realize your progress.


  • It provides ZERO language explanation, just vocabulary and phrases! That means it will leave you guessing the sentence structure, grammar, masculine and feminine, etc..
  • Written to teach English speaking people, not people who speak European or Asian languages
  • It can be tricky since it doesn’t provide detailed translations for the French phrases it teaches you! That means you will face more and more words that you have no idea what they really mean.
  • It teaches you the language, but it doesn’t tell you much about how to use it! Unlike Pimsleur French which teaches you step by step how to hold a conversation with French native speakers, Rosetta Stone French program doesn’t really stress that much its effort on this aspect of the French language, leaving you wondering where and how you ever would use the French phrases it teaches in a conversation.
  • It doesn’t always provide useful phrases to learn! Sometimes Rosetta Stone French will teach you useless phrases such as “a dog and an airplane” which you just can have no clue where on each you would have to say that phrase in French. That is one more reason why Rosetta Stone is great for kids since their mind and imagination are unlimited to logics and situations.
  • Price is ridiculously high if you buy the whole set of courses at once.

Rosetta Stone French Review

Ease of Use

Rosetta Stone French is very easy to use, PC and MAC computers supported. If you want to tracking your learning process on mobile devices, Rosetta Stone have not provided mobile apps, you can try Tell me More French (Our most recommended Comprehensive French Learning Software)

Rosetta Stone French uses aerial affection images in their able presentation. The Rosetta Stone French has a acceptable user interface that makes the software accessible to navigate. The software provides a chiral certificate for the appearance but alike after account this document, you can still apprentice all the functions of the features. The appearance and options buttons are simple to use and understand. You can calmly acquisition your way about alike if you are a amateur because the Rosetta Stone French provides a able program.


Rosetta Stone French is best for those who already can speak and understand basic French. HOWEVER, I am saying that Rosetta Stone French course is best for those, not only works for those! The course is designed basically for those who have no idea about French language.

Rosetta Stone French is also great for kids! I honestly think that it works for kids much better than it would for adults. Why? Because as you know, children have something for colors, pictures and interactive software, while we adults seem to have forgotten about all the fun that colors and pictures bring.

I have a special experience with Rosetta Stone Japanese that I wrote about here before, I think same applies to Rosetta Stone French, I bought Rosetta Stone program for my nephew and nieces, and it really was wonderful to see how much Japanese they learnt from Rosetta Sone! I think the very same would apply to Rosetta Stone French course. Kids LOVE Rosetta Stone!


The Rosetta Stone website has many different support options, from FAQs and tutorials, to phone and email support if you have technical problems. The program also comes with a user manual that can answer a lot of simple questions.

Rosetta Stone has a 180 days exchange & return policy, Read this carefully before you purchase Rosetta Stone.

Final Words

In my opinion, Fluenz and Tell me More both perfect french learning for any leveled French learners. Tell me More is more friendly for mobile devices, if you learn french most of the time at home, Fluenz puts great care into their product to make sure you come out speaking French like a champion!

Rosetta Stone is very suitable for kids, and it is best for those who already can speak and understand basic French. But with its expensive price, i don’t think it worth the price. If you don’t want to empty your pocket, then Rocket French or Pimsleur French will be better for time & money saving.

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