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Rocket Spanish Premium is the most popular Spanish learning online course. Over 400,000 Spanish learners using this product.

In this completely honest Rocket Spanish review you’ll discover what makes this product so popular and whether or not it is a viable method for learning to speak Spanish fluently.

What’s the best way to learn spanish?

If you want to learn spanish as a second language, the best way to spanish learning must be live in a spanish speaking country, to meet and build a conversation with real spanish speakers.

Of course, it’s not possible happen to all of us, That’s why we need giving Rocket Spanish a try!

Let’s Take a look at just some of the reasons why thousands of people around the world have chosen Rocket Spanish Premium!

Is Rocket Spanish Really Easy to Use?

Using Rocket Spanish is as easy as pressing ‘play’ on your iPod/iPhone and play on your DVD player. And you will want to know what I call down to earth, real-world, ‘street Spanish’. Period. The kind of words and phrases found in every day conversations. Otherwise locals will be giving you weird looks.

You can find more visually intensive Spanish courses that are 5x’s more expensive. Video isn’t cheap to produce. But Rocket offers you the flexibility of audio AND video if you want.

Best Spanish Learning Software? I don’t think so

Most of us always want to find a best spanish learning software, and hope it will be suitable for all your situations. I don’t think there is a real best spanish learning program for all of us, just only proper one for you.

A quick search for ‘Rocket Spanish review ‘, you will get over 118,000,000 results including opinions, ratings, and reviews about rocket spanish. How can you tell if the Rocket Spanish software is a scam or the real deal?

The easiest way is to sign up for a six days free basic course of rockt spanish. You get an all-access pass to everything Rocket Spanish has to offer with no further obligation.

What’s you Really Get if You Buy Rocket Spanish?

1. You will get over 37 hours audio lessons.

One of the best benefit of audio lessons is that you can learn spanish any time and anywhere.

Rocket Spanish encourages interactive learning. Aside from living in Spanish or having a friend to talk Spanish to in real life, it’s the best way to replicate an actual conversation.

Tips: You should try to listen to the completely conversations in spanish without native language translation. And then, you will be surprised at how effective is it.

2. 6 PDF Spanish instrction guides to help you get to a conversational level of Spanish quickly.

The beginner’s grammar guide follows along with the audio lessons, providing you with the basics of Spanish grammar, as well as important vocabulary.

The conversation guide goes a step further by helping you with the intricacies of actual Spanish conversational basics, including common vocabulary and phrases.

The advanced grammar guide gives you the “finishing touches” — how to speak with (and understand) more precise grammatical structures.

These guides are really top class and a lot of work has gone into them to ensure they tie in directly to what you learn through the audio courses.

A smart learner might combine the two for a while to really drill home the “how” and “why” things are the way they are in Spanish. Everything is presented with real work examples that are current! None of those boring old Spanish text-books with phrases that are decades out of date.

You also got a lot of use out of the Spanish vocabulary supplement too.

Tips: The quickest way to become fluent is to just build your knowledge of vocabulary. With ten lists of vocab spanning from conversations, people, nationalities, places, tourism, emotions and feelings, shopping and much more, you will be well on your way to a conversational fluency as long as you apply it and actually talk to people in Spanish.

3. 3 MegaSpanish games (MegaVocab, MegaAudio, MegaVerbs)

MegaVocab is a little like Rosetta Stone Spanish in that it uses images of the Spanish word to help you visualize it.

MegaAudio speaks vocabulary out loud to you and allows you to really focus on your pronunciation to give you a real ‘native’ sounding Spanish accent.

MegaVerbs is another great testing tool to see how good you are at conjugating a verb.

4. Login access to a help forum, plus updates and upgrades free for life.

All the Rocket Spanish lessons are planed to be fully completed in 8 weeks. But for spanish beginners, you can set your own pace; and if you find something difficult you can use their 24-hour language support forum where professional teachers will give you a hand.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can build a conversiation with other spanish students to practice spanish conversation in the forum.

5. Special Offers, 60-days money back, any thing else?

Every time Rocket Spanish Premium add a new feature all members get it for free!

  • My Notes; so you can follow-up on words you had difficulty with!
  • Proficiency tests; so you can gauge how well you are going!
  • Quizzes and self-tests; so you can practice Spanish under pressure!

And all of these were supplied FREE to ALL existing Rocket Spanish Premium members!

Special Offer:

1. You can get online access for only $99.95, Get 67% Off (HARDCOPY 20-CD Pack for just $299.95 with FREE shipping)

2. get an exclusive Rocket Spanish Survival Kit worth $79.90, FREE with Rocket Spanish Premium.

 60-day money back guarantee with Rocket Spanish Premium. If you’re not completely satisfied within the first two months of purchase, just email the support team and you’ll get your money back – no questions asked!

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Rocket Spanish Premium is the most popular Spanish learning online course. Over 400,000 Spanish learners using this product.

In this completely…

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