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Rocket Japanese online learning course is the best value program for learning Japanese language as it offers a fast-track in learning Japanese language. Sayaka Matsuura is the creator of this online course.

Rocket Japanese includes 1 free japanese course & 3 level plans help you learn japanese step by step.

Beginner Course: This beginner level course for new learners contains some amazing features that will really get your Japanese language skills moving.

Intermediate Course: This course is perfect if you have some Japanese skills already and you’re ready to step up to the next level.

Advanced Course: If you’re ready to become a fluent, natural, confident Japanese speaker then this advanced level course is for you.

Also, Rocket Language includes a Japanese Language Learning Community. In this forum you can Interact with other learners, it will really help reinforce your language skills and get you learning Japanese like a rocket!

Get Your Free 6 Days Japanese Course

Rocket Japanese premium is broken down into a total of 31 interactive audio sessions. It has small day-to-day conversations that take place in a modern environment. Therefore, you can learn the language, speak the language, and know what to expect. It also teaches you about the culture and how the language works. It makes you familiar with small words and phrases.

You can test yourself by taking the different tests and know how much you have improved. The best part is, you do not have to go sit in classrooms to be able to learn the Japanese language, and neither do you have to make time to fit this in. You can just about do anything you want and still be able to learn.

All you have to do is download the mp3 courses. You can download it on your mp3 player or on your iPod, iPhone/Smartphone and listen to them at your convenience. You are also provided with the PDF files, which help you with grammar. You can use it anywhere, anytime.

The course doesn’t only cover audio tutorials, on the other hand, it also offer video presentations such as a step-by-step writing on the Japanese characters. A feature of the course is the MegaVocab.

MegaVocab enhances your Japanese vocabulary and helps you know some Japanese words and teach you some writing skills. Another software is the MegaHiragana. MEgaHiragana is designed for those who want to know the writing system of Japanese – the Hiragana. Hiragana is a set of characters that represent the sounds that make up the Japanese language. MegaHiragana is the central of Japanese writing system.

It also helps you learn how to write Japanese. You will get a written script and the translations for it. This way you even know what it looks like.

What Peoples are Saying

Rocket Japanese is my top most recommendation for anybody who wants to master the Japanese language. Designed as a course to take you from novice level to an intermediate level in less than eight weeks, this stuff delivers the best. I have had a number of students who have followed this with my classes and the results have been amazing.

As a Japanese Teacher, I know that students have biggest difficulty with mastering things like Japanese Grammar and Vocabulary. Learning pronunciation is also a tricky issue. Rocket Japanese solves these issues effectively with audio courses and software. There are interactive games that make learning vocabulary a breeze.

Other thing that helps you learn Japanese really fast with Rocket Japanese is the fact that you can learn at your own pace. Unlike a classroom session where you are forced to learn at the pace of the rest of the the class, with Rocket Japanese you can go with your comfort level.

Even though I have mentioned this course as the best course for learning Japanese fast, it does not stops there. For those who want to take their Japanese to next level, Rocket Japanese covers the advanced topics equally well. The technical aspects of grammar, colloquial usage, pronunciation are equally well covered.

I really can’t recommend Rocket Japanese any stronger, if you want to take your Japanese to the next level, then go check out the site today. At $99 (for a limited time), this stuff is nearly available for free. Other comparable packages like Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur Japanese cost from $500 to $1000 and provide lesser value for money. There is no waiting time and it is available to get you started right now.

Final Words about Rocket Japanese

If you are just about to start learning Japanese. I guarantee there is nothing better than this! If you have already know something then you can improve on your accent, Vocabulary plus their grammar lessons are too good. It will help you master Japanese.

With their 60 days money back guarantee its a no brainer deal. Either you master Japanese or get your money back! Either way you have nothing to lose at all!

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