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Learn a Lanuage in 10 Days

Hard to believe, isn’t it? Till you ask yourself one simple question: How did you learn English as a child? Did you wade through text books? Did you struggle with grammar? Did you drive yourself crazy trying to get the accent right?

No. You just “picked it up.” You heard adults speak, and you uttered your first word. Well, that’s how the Pimsleur method works. It’s the natural way to learn Spanish.

In easy half hour “bites” on CD, our scientifically sequenced lessons will have you speaking Spanish the way the Spanish do–or you pay nothing. Guaranteed. Just give it a try.

Use the Pimsleur Approach to speak a new language in only 10 days! Pimsleur courses took over 40 years to develop and perfect. Just sit back and listen while the audio does the work for you. Each CD has been scientifically sequenced to rapidly lock language material into your brain after just one listen. You’ll absorb your new language effortlessly without any reading, writing or computer use.

Perfect Language Learning Course for Spnish Beginners

  • Free Shipping (Next Business Day)
  • Full 30-Days Money Back Guarantee – no conditions
  • 8 fluency oriented language lessons on 4 CDs
  • Learn from a native on CD audio, iPod, MP3
  • Entry in the Pimsleur Rapid Fluency Pruchase Program

In order to learn Spanish by traditional means, you need books. You start by learning vocabulary and grammar, and then try and figure out how to put them together in order to actually speak. The process can take weeks or even months before you can hold your own in a conversation.

Not with the Pimsleur Approach. From the beginning, you hear everything put together the way it naturally flows in conversation, not just individual parts of speech. You learn by listening, not by rote memorization of verbs, nouns, and conjugation. Right away with Pimsleur Spanish, you’ll start learning the important phrases that will really come in handy.

By learning Spanish the natural way, using idiomatic expressions the Spanish actually use rather than textbook phrases, you will benefit by speaking Spanish that is “real” rather than academic.

Pimsleur Spanish Comparisons

We have done some researching to compare Pimsleuer with Rosetta Stone, Rocket Language, Transparent & Fluenz (The Top 5 Most Popular Language Learning Software)

Pimsleur Approach is our most recommended Language Learning Course for Beginners who want to learn Conversational Spanish, but if Academic Spanish is your final target, Tell me More Spanish will be a better choice.

Pimsleur VS. Rosetta Stone

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Pimsleur VS. Rocket Language

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Pimsleur VS. Transparent

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Pimsleur VS. Fluenz

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Special Offers

If you’re not absolutely thrilled with your new ability to learn spanish and speak comfortably, simply return your course within 30 days for a full refund.

Pimsleur Spanish Course Review

Pimsleur Spanish is an all-audio course. Time investment works out to a half an hour each day. All lessons are the same: you listen to a conversation, then the narrator helps you learn new words, and slowly you start creating your own expressions. Finally, you take part in the conversation you heard at the beginning.

Pimsleur Spanish learning course is based on two ideas:

1. The Principle of Anticipation:  Enables students to pick up how the language works without having to memorize rules.

2. Graduated Interval Recall:  Strategically presents more new words in the beginning and then gradually less as the program moves on. This way words go from your short-term memory to your long-term one. Pimsluer language learning style consistently ranks as one of the best memory retention programs on the market.

Pros and Cons


  • It’s audio course, so you can take it with your ipod or whatever, learn spanish anywhere.
  • It repeats the same vocabulary a lot, so you really learn the words.
  • The absolute cheapest price


  • The Spanish it uses is rather formal in some cases. For example, “Encantado” instead of the more popular “Mucho gusto” for Good to meet you.
  • The vocabulary is not really large

There may be more comprehensive & expensive learning approaches, but if you want to learn to speak spanish with ease and fast, Pimsluers approach to learn Spanish is all about full Spanish comprehension with emphasis on maximum speed and retention.

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Hard to believe, isn’t it? Till you ask yourself one simple question: How did you learn English as a child? Did you wade t…

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