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Pimsleur Approach German is complete audio course, there is no writing content or reading content to it.

There are three levels and each of them has thirty lessons of thirty minutes of duration. The lessons invariably start with a short dialogue that you have to listen and repeat. After that, a native German speaker asks you questions, sometimes introducing new terms and phrases and sometimes reinforcing what you have learned before. There is always an English speaker to guide you and clarify things too, but without exaggerating. I think that the balance between the English and the German is quite good in the program.

And all these things mix together in a great way to keep your attention and not to become boring. Pimsleur recommends listening to each lesson until you understand about 80% of the material and then move on. Supposedly, you should listen to each lesson once to achieve this percentage. But, in spite of Pimsleur claiming, I found that I had to listen to the most problematic lessons twice and even three times before understanding them enough to go to the next. In addition, starting in lesson ten there are very basic reading lessons. Each lesson has about twenty words that you have to identify when the foreign speaker read them aloud.

Special Offers

You get free membership to the Pimsleur Rapid Fluency Program +. A month after your registration, you start getting free trial copies of the advanced lessons for you to try for a period of 30 days.

If you’re not absolutely thrilled with your new ability to learn Italian and speak comfortably, simply return your course within 30 days for a full refund.

Pimsleur Approach German Review

We have done some researching to compare Pimsleuer with Rosetta Stone, Rocket Language, Transparent & Fluenz (The Top 5 Most Popular German Learning Software)

Pimsleur Approach is our most recommended Language Learning Course for Beginners who want to learn Conversational German, but if Academic German is your final target, Tell me More German will be a better choice.

Pimsleur VS. Rosetta Stone

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Pimsleur VS. Rocket Language

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Pimsleur VS. Transparent

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Pimsleur VS. Fluenz

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  • The entire course is audio based, all your needs is a CD player or iPod.
  • Each audio lessons are 30 minute in duration. These lessons include common words and phrases used in everyday conversations. The audio quality s very good, making for clear speech, and the 4 CD content is aimed at fluency. It’s portable and fun to use.
  • Pimsleur courses are based on an “input/output” system where the student and teacher interact with each other. Active thinking is promoted by making the student anticipate answers. Thinking and recalling short term memory is what enhances your learning.
  • Applies four principles of learning
    1. The first principle the course applies is the “Graduated Interval Recall”. Here, new information is introduced at specific intervals, thus ensuring you learn thoroughly and effectively.
    2. The second principle is “Anticipation”, where the words learned are tested in different conversation scenarios and the student engages in meaningful interaction which enables better learning.
    3. The third principle is “Organic learning”. This means that nature has wired your brain to absorb and learn more though verbal interaction, so listening is more important than reading and writing. This is what the Pimsleur Approach does- it makes you listen.
    4. The fourth principle is “Core Vocabulary”, wherein the emphasis is on teaching the most important words required to learn a language, rather than lots of words.


  • The course doesn’t teach you any grammar explicitly. This is not at all bad. How much English grammar do you know anyway?
  • Many reviews complain about the fact that with Pimsleur you will learn only about 500 words of the chosen language. This is true, but learning a lot of words is not the point of the Pimsleur approach, learning to speak is!
  • Speaking french in 10 days, really? I think you should be understand like this: 10 days = 240 hours, you spend half hours every day, and then 580 days later, you can speaking french fluently.

Ease of Use

Pimsleur Approach is very easy to use, you only have to put the CD/iPod, turn on play, and start speaking and listening for the next half hour.

Because the entire course is audio based, which means you don’t read, write or use the computer; all you need to do is to just sit back and listen again and again. Every CD is sequenced scientifically, which ensures the words are absorbed in your mind very well.


Pimsleur Approach is not suitable for every German beginners, it’s focused on fluent German speaking. If you want to speak fluent conversational German in a short time, it’s works!

For most of German learners who need writing, reading German, you should think about a comprehensive German learning software like Tell me More German or Rocket German.

And if you know Michel Thomas language course, click here to view a comparison of Pimsleur Approach and Michel Thomas


Now Pimsleur offers 50% off + free shipping. They have a 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee, Email & Phone supports are avaliable. For assistance, please e-mail CustomerSupport@PimsleurApproach.com or call 1-866-204-7139


Pimsleur German Review4.166666666666667admin2011-12-07 08:39:24Pimsleur Approach German is complete audio course, there is no writing content or reading content to it.

There are three levels and each of them ha…

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