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Pimsleur Chinese course is very popular among the very beginners or those who likes to learn the basic Chinese. They have a total of three levels that round to 100 or more small audio lessons that deal with each aspect of the language.

The main concern to me is this program teaches Beijing version of Mandarin, which is not easy to commute with overseas Chinese or Chinese are not from Beijing. After my hard work with audio courses, my Shanghai clients couldn’t understand what I’m trying to tell them.

Pimsleur Chinese program is a very basic course. Going through the entire study for 3 sets, I think the most I learn is about a few hundreds vocabularies, that would be far from understanding many ordinary topics.

For most of us, chinese learning is not so easy, if you think you can speak chinese in 10 days, it’s abolutely no possible. Pimsleur is a great spanish learning program, but for chinese learning, i don’t think it is a good choice. The Rocket Chinese + Tell me More Chinese combination will be better.

Pimsleur Chinese Special Offers

If you’re not absolutely thrilled with your new ability to learn Chinese and speak comfortably, simply return your course within 30 days for a full refund.

Pimsleur Mandarin Chinese Review

This review was written by Joseph.

Hi, I’m Joseph.
I know you want to know if Pimsleur Chinese is a course that really works.
I completely understand how you feel, before I used this course, I was also looking for a review. I created this web site to review Pimsleur Chinese and share my experience to show you what I was able to achieve with this course.

I hope this Pimsleur Chinese review and my story will help you make an informed decision about it.

If you would like to visit the official web site to learn more about Pimsleur Chinese, please click here!

How It Started

I was 14 years old when I got a chance to spend three weeks in China. I just fell in love with the language and decided that I will learn Chinese one day.

Later in my life, I visited China for business, and had to interact with chinese. Knowing chinese was not only an interest, but a necessity as well.

Often times I felt embarrassed because I was not able to communicate with people, or I was just left out of the conversation because they didn’t speak English, and I didn’t speak Chinese.

I decided that I would start learning chinese, and made up my mind about being able to communicate the next time I’m in china.

How I Learned Chinese

So, I enrolled to a Chinese class which I attended weekly and diligently completed my homework and memorized all the new words and grammatical structures.

I thought I was doing pretty well, I learned hundreds, and later thousands of words. I was able to pick up the paper in Chinese, and understood most of the news.

But the next time I had to use chinese, I was shocked. I still didn’t understand the people, and I had a hard time thinking of the words just when I needed them.

I was very disappointed. I spent thousands of Dollars on Chinese classes over the years, and I still couldn’t use Chinese effectively.

I did not give up. I wanted to find a way to do something about it.

How I Finally Learned Real Chinese with Pimsleur

One day I called my buddy who I knew spoke a pretty good Chinese and I asked him how he did it differently.

He pointed me to the Pimsleur Chinese course. He explained that this course will teach me the most relevant words and expressions, and will also help me understand native pronunciation.

When he told me that only by listening to 30 lessons I will have much better Chinese skills, I was skeptical.

But after all, I already spent thousands on courses, I thought this course was worth a try. It cost me less than what I spent on my classes in a couple of months.

I checked out the Pimsleur Chinese course, they even had a discount and a 30 day money back guarantee.

The Results after Using Pimsleur Chinese

I was totally amazed the next time I had to use Chinese.

I did not have to think about how to say certain phrases. Throughout the course I have repeated them enough in real context that they just came naturally.

These were the phrases that I ended up using in real life scenarios, when traveling, ordering in restaurants, or just chatting with people in the hotel.

I don’t want to misguide you: after taking the Pimsleur Chinese course you won’t know everything about the language, and you won’t be speaking fluently in all situations. This course is not about making you a native speaker.

Rather, it will help you to obtain a functional knowledge of Chinese and will make you feel at ease when you want to use it.


Pimsleur Chinese Review3.6666666666666665admin2011-11-14 13:11:01Pimsleur Chinese course is very popular among the very beginners or those who likes to learn the basic Chinese. They have a total of three levels that…

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