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Natively Interactive Language Learning Software

Natively Academy is an interactive program that provides language training for the real world by using real-life scenarios. When it comes to learning to speak a new language, no software is better designed to help you reach your goals than Natively Academy.

Combining incredible pictures, engaging text, the voices of native speakers and dynamic content, Natively Academy has everything you need to master a new language.

Natively Interactive produces language learning software which is invaluable and entertaining at the same time. This software is so easy, children and adults enjoy learning English with it together.

Every disc comes with instructions in 100 languages, making the learning possibilities virtually endless. Natively is highly recognized and innovative software, recently awarded with a Queen’s Award for its outstanding achievements.

Natively German Review

Natively French Review

Natively English Review

Natively Japanese Review

Natively Chinese Review

The Natively Academy Company Highlights

  • Nearly 40 Years of Language Learning Software Development
  • Over 8 Million Customers Worldwide
  • Recipient of the “Queens Award for Enterprise,” The UK’s Most Prestigious Business Award
  • Instruction for 16 Different Language

Natively German Review

Natively German teaches you by using real world situations, pictures, text as well as voices to bring the content to life for you. Which is why overall it is so effective, as the method they use is so immersive you start to feel a little like you are really in Germany speaking with native speakers. Which is great for building up your confidence, and is more fun as well. Because which would you rather do, sit and read static lessons or learn in an immersive environment by speaking and interacting?

Natively Germans “immediate response” method gives you instant feedback. Which provides you with an interesting and engaging experience as well as making it challenging enough that you wont be bored after a few lessons. And the content is all self paced, which is nice since most of us do not have the time for structured classes.

So lets take a look at why we rated this product so highly. Using the metrics you saw in the beginning of this review.

  • Features: The Natively German program consists of four material packed CD’s, ‘Talk Now’ which is geared towards the beginner. ‘Talk More’ Which takes you that next step from beginner to an intermediate level. ‘World Talk’ This is where things start to get more advanced, and contains interactive games and quizzes. And finally ‘Talk the Talk’ which will teach you useful words and phrases using everything else you have already learned in the first three. All told there is more then 200 hours of learning material here. Which is why it scored 5 out of 5.
  • Fundamentals: Natively German builds a very solid fundamental base, with as mentioned the entire first CD being geared towards the very basics. And it will provide you with a great vocabulary, especially if you are intending to travel to a German speaking area sometime in the near future you can pick up most of the basics you will need fairly quickly.
  • Simplicity: The only reason Natively German loses half a point for simplicity is also why it gets high marks elsewhere. It is a learn at your own pace program, which can be more difficult for some people. But the whole interface and program is laid out in an intuitive and simple way that you will easily understand.
  • Teaching Method: The teaching method is great, there is a wealth of material laid out for you to use. And since it is learn at your own pace you can redo any lessons you feel you need to, which can be beneficial for the more advanced lessons.
  • Tools There’s a bunch of great tools in this program, with games, activity’s, printable dictionaries, the ability to record your own voice to listen to later and check your progress. Natively German packs in a ton of tools into the four CD’s which will no doubt help you learn in a fast but also fun way.

Overall, Natively German is a great product. And while it did not make it to number one on our list it is a solid value for the money. They dont offer everything in one package quite like Rocket German, so if you really want to learn buy the full version the first time around rather then buying anything else. And keep in mind that any version of this program contains a free Headset and Microphone, so if you do not already have either you will not need to make the additional investment.

Natively French Review

One of the best features of  Natively French is the versatility. It presents topics in a number of ways that make it easy to use and understand. The program is also extremely interactive to the extent that you can choose what you want to learn and when you want to learn it. It’s different from other language learning programs that employ a step by step formula. With this program you can start at any point in the program and have fun while you learn the French language.

Natively French Language Course is an effective French language teaching tool that includes various activities, interactive games and quizzes that make learning enjoyable and easy. One of the biggest problems you need to overcome when learning a language is trying to stay motivated. This software employs specially designed interactive games and teaching techniques, especially in speech recognition, to keep you motivated to master the French language. The program has exclusive games that require you to use the French language to solve them. These games are a fun way to end your daily French learning experience and also serve as great practice tools.

Natively French also has an excellent progress tracking feature that will let you know which subjects you excel and which ones you need improvements. Another feature that I liked about the software and which ultimately led me to choose this above other French language learning programs is the voice recognition system, which I found extremely useful. The voice recognition system records your voice and plays it back for you so you can compare the way you enunciate the words to the native French speaker in the program. It’s a great tool that enhances French accent and pronunciation.

The course uses a lot of images, video and audio in teaching and Native French speakers there to instruct you through the steps in both French and English. The software has all the features that make it conducive to any style of learning. An added convenient feature of this system is the bonus audio disk that you could use to easily transfer audio files to your iPod or other MP3 player so you could learn the French language on the go.

Although the system comes with interactive games and quizzes, an online test is lacking. There is no online chat with native French speakers as well. Also, I had a hard time looking for any complete help section in their website, perhaps this is still under development. Another thing I noticed is in the way Natively French Complete Language Course presents material in that they don’t thoroughly provide a description of sentence structure. For instance, you could learn to say certain phrases but you are not sure how a sentence came together.

Natively English Review

Natively English is easy to use interactive English language learning software that provides effective solutions for individuals, from beginner to advance. It helped me improve and build up my vocabulary and pronunciation fast and I have fun while learning. It is great value for your money with features that can be found in more expensive products. Having more than 30 years experience in making language software and trusted by millions of users worldwide, the makers of this program have come up with one of the best if not the best software in its class.

Natively Japanese Review

The Natively Japanese is an advanced and highly effective way to learn the Japanese language. It has most of the features of the more expensive products at the fraction of the cost, which is something that is hard to beat. I was really impressed by the program’s numerous features and teaching tools, which in some cases are not as comprehensive as similar features in more expensive alternatives but are nonetheless sufficient. I was also impressed by the programs simplicity and its user friendly user interface that minimized the need for tedious tutorials, manuals and technical support.

Natively Chinese Review

Natively Chinese is the fastest and most intuitive way to confidently learn Mandarin Chinese. However, for me the greatest benefit I got from this program is helping me learn many words and characters. With over 4,000 colorful and entertaining illustrations and pictures accompanied by native speaker audio, there is almost no dull moment. The dictionary part is awesome where you will see how the words are written in Chinese characters. All the different methods employed really helps to retain information. It is ideal for home or family, school or educational, business or travel purposes.

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Natively Academy is an interactive program that provides language training for the real world by usin…

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