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This is a truly interesting audio-only course on the foreign language learning market today. You will learn German through a series of CDs, without games, videos or interactive experiences via a computer, and become part of a virtual class of three students. Your fellow students speak through the program along with the tutor, giving you a potentially fuller sense of genuine immersion than those programs which are essentially glorified point-and-click flashcard games.

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German with Michel Thomas Audio CD

The program consists of audio CDs – ten in a usual bundle – and a full transcript booklet.

The audio CDs are of an excellent quality, and for most packages, you’ll find that they come in a handy little black case. Not that you’ll be wanting to use these outside much, as they do require a bit more feedback than usual from the actual student, but the neatness of it is pretty appealing.

The transcript booklet is the full course, which makes it incredibly easy to follow exactly what everyone is saying, not just the tutor. Still, there are no pen and paper exercises to complete, which might be exactly what you are looking for in a course, or it might be a little too alien from however you’ve previously learned in the past.

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Michel Thomas Method APPs for iPhone

Michel Tomas language learning course has a iPhone APP, you can get the free preview here.

With this iPhone APP, you can “pay as you learn,” purchasing lessons hour by hour!

Millions of people worldwide have learned a language using the Michel Thomas method: you listen, he explains, you speak – right from the word go.

Features of Michel Thomas Method APP

  • Be fluent in 8 hours
  • Developed by celebrated psychologist and linguist Michel Thomas
  • All-audio method and beautiful, tactile graphics
  • No books, no pens, no memorizing – just relax, listen and respond
  • Fun flash card feature – helps you practise and track your progress

For more information about Michel Thomas Method, Visit Michel Thomas Official Site: http://www.michelthomas.com/

Final Words

Michel Thomas course is easy to use, all you need is a cd player. You can listen to the lessons anywhere, however, Michel prefers that you give all your concentration to the lesson so driving a car or other activities are discouraged.

The Michel Thomas Method is primarily concerned with teaching conversational skills. His approach to teaching is excellent and you leave the course with a sense of confidence that you can speak to people in German.

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Michel Thomas German Review4admin2011-12-08 02:54:54This is a truly interesting audio-only course on the foreign language learning market today. You will learn German through a series of CDs, without ga…

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