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Anyone can learn a language with Michel Thomas – The World’s Greatest Language Teacher.

Michel Thomas was one of the world’s most famous language teachers when he died in 2005.

No books. No writing. No drills. And nothing to memorize – ever! With his unique program, Michel Thomas has taught celebrities, corporate leaders, and schoolchildren with immediate and amazing results. Now the Language Teacher to the Stars invites everyone to join his class!

Using French with Michel Thomas, listeners learn in real time–fully understanding as they go along, turning words into short sentences, and then building them into longer, more complex sentences, until they are conversing in French.

Michel will have listeners formulating their own thoughts and sentences from the very beginning, even if they have never succeeded in learning a language before. Michel has used this very method to teach celebrities such as Mel Gibson, Woody Allen, Barbra Streisand, Warren Beatty, and Princess Grace of Monaco.

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French with Michel Thomas Audio CD

Michel Thomas’ system relies upon his ability to teach, rather than your ability as a student, and contrary to most methods where the ball is very much in your court when it comes to interacting, the Michel Thomas way requires you simply to relax and take things in!

There seems to be a mysterious aura surrounding this method of French learning. For example, most French learners have at some stage or another tried out language CD’s which require the listener to respond out loud to the recorded conversation, and then followed up with the corresponding written activity in the accompanying book, yet Michel Thomas actually instructs his students not to try to learn or remember anything and not to write things down.

On the CD’s, you hear Michel talking to two of his students in a rhythmical, almost hypnotic voice. It’s amazing how much more relaxing and less annoying this is than the CD’s where you hear snippets of improbable role-plays, and I have to confess that I was quite taken in by the whole process. The CD’s were really enjoyable, so much so that they earned a dedicated 30 minute slot every day for a few weeks.

Michel Thomas Method APPs for iPhone

Michel Tomas language learning course has a iPhone APP, you can get the free preview here.

With this iPhone APP, you can “pay as you learn,” purchasing lessons hour by hour!

Millions of people worldwide have learned a language using the Michel Thomas method: you listen, he explains, you speak – right from the word go.

Features of Michel Thomas Method APP

  • Be fluent in 8 hours
  • Developed by celebrated psychologist and linguist Michel Thomas
  • All-audio method and beautiful, tactile graphics
  • No books, no pens, no memorizing – just relax, listen and respond
  • Fun flash card feature – helps you practise and track your progress

For more information about Michel Thomas Method, Visit Michel Thomas Official Site: http://www.michelthomas.com/

Final Words

Michel Thomas course is easy to use, all you need is a cd player. You can listen to the lessons anywhere, however, Michel prefers that you give all your concentration to the lesson so driving a car or other activities are discouraged.

The Michel Thomas Method is primarily concerned with teaching conversational skills. His approach to teaching is excellent and you leave the course with a sense of confidence that you can speak to people in French.

If you want to learn comprehensive french course step by step and with great learning process, you might be better to check out Fluenz French or Tell Me More French.

Michel Thomas French Review4admin2011-11-25 04:47:58

Anyone can learn a language with Michel Thomas – The World’s Greatest Language Teacher.

Michel Thomas was one of the world’s most famous lang…

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