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Linguaphone offers 5 language learning courses for Beginner/Beginnger to Intermediate/Beginnger to Advanced/Advanced to Expert/Online Subscriptions.

Linguaphone PDQ is a language course for beginngers, CD and MP3 download is avaliable in this audio course. Before your next trip abroad, remember to pack PDQ language course. It is a fun and easy way to learn and a perfect introduction to a new language.

Linguaphone allTalk is for Beginner to Intermediate, it is an excellent value for money audio course with an interesting storyline angle and an immense amount of vocabulary studied through its system of listen, understand, and repeat. CD/MP3/MP4 pre-loaded player included.

Linguaphone Complete is for Beginner to Advanced, audio CD only. Master a new language through Linguaphone’s world-renowned advanced level range of Complete CD language courses. Available in fourteen languages, and written completely in the target language they are the nearest you will get to having a personal language tutor without being in a classroom

Linguaphone Second Stage is for Advanced to Expert, audio CD only. For those who already have a good understanding of the language but are keen to achieve complete fluency. Perfect for those serious about their language learning, this course will greatly improve your confidence in speaking and understanding complex phrases and expressions as you develop total proficiency in your chosen language.

Linguaphone Daily Services is for Online Subscriptions, Wherever you are, you can continue to develop your language skills with linguaphone’s unique online subscription service. With over 1,380 articles and exercises taken from an extensive database of media, and a 28,000 online dictionary.

If you want to learn more about Linguaphone language course, check this comparison form on linguaphone’s official site:

Linguaphone Review

Advantages of Linguaphone Language Courses

1. Linguaphone offers courses that teach you to read, write and speak the language.
2. Many of the Linguaphone courses have very nice manuals with beautiful pictures and the dialog of what you are going over in a lesson.
3. Linguaphone has some courses that are all audio so you can learn on the move.
4. Linguaphone courses are based on: listen, understand and speak. This method has been used for over 100 years.
5. Many people rate Linguaphone very high on their list of language courses.

Disadvantages of Linguaphone Language Courses

1. If you don’t have a basic knowledge of the language you are learning, Linguaphone courses can be somewhat difficult because it moves along too fast, without enough repetition.
2. On some of the Linguaphone audio you will need to listen very carefully.
3. You may want to go over another language course series, like Pimsleur, and use Linguaphone to expand your language skills, vocabulary and listening comprehension.
4. Linguaphone prices range from inexpensive to expensive depending on the course.


Linguaphone is over a hundred years old and one of the original language courses available. This made me a little nervous about reviewing it as I certainly didn’t want to do it a disservice but I also wanted to be as honest as possible. I have used Linguaphone before when I was about 18: it was the complete French course and I remember being extremely daunted by all the material and use of the foreign language. I was interested to see how the allTalk product would do.

To begin with I liked the scenario idea of the young lady on a trip to Italy and the whole course being based around her introduction to the Italian Language. She begins speaking English and slowly starts to speak in Italian as Lorenzo teachers her new vocabulary and sentences. The acting is well done and the Italian clear and easy to hear.

The main introduction of the vocabulary is in the lessons after the initial conversation is heard; the narrator gives the words as a list with the Italian and the English and then a gap. There is an awful lot of vocabulary here. If learning as much vocabulary as you can is your goal then this is ideal for you as they throw list upon list at you and then test them with practice lessons. It is very difficult to learn and remember all the vocab given, and reviews of previous lessons are essential. The method of delivery of the vocabulary reminds me of receiving vocab lists at school, and although the practice lessons are more original and effective than I remember them being at school, the method is possibly not the most efficient at helping students remember quickly.

The grammar is covered occasionally in the lessons with passing comments about important points, or the verb boxes which show full conjugation of verbs. This is adequate for a beginners understanding of the structure and grammar of the language, although as the amount of vocabulary learned is so high I would have thought more grammar would have been included. The book included covers a little grammar but is mostly just a dictionary of the vocabulary covered in the course.

Cost and Value

£237.91 is not a cheap price for linguaphone complete. In my opinion, Pimsleur Approach or Rocket Languages will be better in Cost & Value.

Linguaphone has 15 language courses. (Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish)

Most people’s ratings of Linguaphone are positive. It covers all language core skills, oral, aural, writing and reading. Linguaphone courses are very thorough courses. People who like written transcripts of the dialog will like Linguaphone. The narrators on the Linguaphone courses are British speakers.

Linguaphone Review3.6666666666666665admin2011-12-21 08:02:01Linguaphone offers 5 language learning courses for Beginner/Beginnger to Intermediate/Beginnger to Advanced/Advanced to Expert/Online Subscriptions.

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