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Fluenz is an excellent package for those who are looking for something a little more serious than some of what is available at the moment.

It’s riddled with technological annoyances, but despite that is still one of the most comprehensive tools for learning German on the market today. It is still geared up for tourists and travel, and if you’re looking for something that is going to help you to become fluent, then this isn’t the one for you.

There’s a hefty price tag, but if you can put up with the software issues, it’s still a great program. Fluenz German takes the more traditional approach that has the school feel to it. What this means is that Fluenz German offers full explanations to everything you will learn from the course.The people behind this program strongly believe that “Great explanations make a big difference because we don’t learn like children anymore”.

With Fluenz German, You will be guided all the way with your very own Nora Naatz, a true blue German. She will help you as she gives you easy to understand step by step instructions and explanations.

The base of Fluenz German is the interactive CD s that come with around 60 lessons that vary from one and a half hours to two hours long. Just like having class back in college, these sessions are much longer than competing brands on the market because aside from hearing a German Conversations, your tutor will take the time to give full detailed explanations on what you have learned in a step by step process.

Fluenz German gives you access to different workouts that help you enhance and improve all of your German skills – complete from reading to writing to listening to speaking.

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Fluenz German Review


  • Learn at your own pace, do the lessons when most convenient to yourself.
  • Beautiful interface and awe-inspiring pictures make you wish you were in Germany, now.
  • The discs come  packaged in a neat, little red box. Presentation is very professional.
  • Thoroughness of lessons, tons of exercises. You truly learn with this program.
  • A “challenge mode” can be enabled. Forcing the need to type accents within responses.
  • Focuses on providing a one-to-one tutoring experience
  • Excellent teachers.
  • Fluenz’s Company and customer support is top notch.
  • A 12-month warranty.
  • Available for both PC and Mac


  • The software is only as effective as you make it.  If you skip a lot of days, or do not feel like doing all of the exercises, then you’re only cheating yourself!
  • The software cannot evaluate your speech, only provide you with native speech recordings. You have the ability to plug in a microphone and speak but nobody will be speaking back!
  • Doesn’t include as many word tools as other language programs
  • Unsuitable for kids, Rosetta Stone German will be a better choice for your kids

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Ease of Use

The design of Fluenz was based on three principles: the belief that great teachers significantly improve student success when learning a second language; that using English to help you learn German can significantly improve comprehension speed and focusing on relevant vocabulary and conversational structure is not only the best, but also the most practical way to learn a new language.

Overall, Fluenz does deliver on its core beliefs. The software is very well designed and easy to use, being geared towards English speaking teens and adults. Most software, such as Rosetta Stone, teach through methods that are easy to understand for children through association and ‘feel’, but Fluenz relies heavily on using English as a basis of explanation for how German works, making it far easier to comprehend for older students. However, it wouldn’t be suitable for younger children.


The Fluenz German courses are possibly some of the most effective German learning systems ever made for adults. The whole idea was designed with adults in mind and concentrates on teaching the vocabulary that is the most quickly useable for the majority of people in everyday life. This is one of the benefits of FLuenz over some of its language software rivals: it does not try and teach you as a child and force you to learn vocabulary that is not immediately useful.

It teaches you relevant language from the beginning and teaches it in such a way that makes it not easily forgettable. The use of video and the enigmatic Sonia Gil is another boon for the users of this software as it allowas a connection to be made, not unlike a teacher-student connection in the classroom, and the way the vocabulary is broken down makes it easy not only to learn the words, but to understand the structure of sentences within the target language.

When compared to its nearest rivals, Fluenz possibly does not teach as much vocabulary throughout its entire course, but it is taught in a more mature fashion. Students will realise they are learning from day one, whereas some courses can often leave students hanging for weeks until they realise they have learned something constructive, often because of the childlike method of association that they employ.

The exercises that Fluenz includes are also top-notch: They build the different skills of listening, reading, writing, and speaking, and although it does not include voice recognition software, this is a minor flaw in an otherwise excellent line-up and is barely missed at all. There is a voice recorder after all, and most people will easily tell if their pronunciation is good or awful when played next to the native speaker.

The one small gripe I would have with this software (and I assure you it is small) is that Sonia Gil is not a native speaker of the language. Although she is obviously very adept at speaking the languages that she is teaching, it would possibly have made more sense to use a native speaker of the language for authenticity. That said, the people involved in the conversations (some native speakers, some not?) all seem to have excellent pronunciations and accents and I am sure the fact that they are not native will not harm anyone’s chances of learning the language. Overall, Sonia Gil is an excellent choice for the presenter and she has the right amounts of charisma and authority to be believable as our teacher.

For conversational german only, pimsleur approach german is a better choice than Fluenz.


Fluenz offers user manuals and FAQs to help you answer your questions. Before you purchase Fluenz German, you can request a DEMO Program to help you understand how it works on Fluenz’s official site. If you need more help, you can contact Fluenz through email or phone.

But the most effective method for getting help is through their live chat option. The technicians on the live chat service were prompt, knowledgeable and eager to help.

The Final Words

Though certainly not as sophisticated as our No.1 ranked winner, Tell Me More German, Fluenz delivers a highly streamlined, adult user experience with an interactive virtual teacher. We feel this makes it a solid choice for teens and adults learning a new language. We hope that future editions will contain a broader vocabulary base.

For anyone who can truly drop everything for a couple of hours per day to learn a language, I would recommend Fluenz. It doesn’t require internet connection, so you can use it anywhere.

Fluenz German Review4.166666666666667admin2011-12-08 02:26:59Fluenz is an excellent package for those who are looking for something a little more serious than some of what is available at the moment.

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