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Learn French as a second language is more easy if you are familiar with English grammar. Fluenz uses English language (Most people know it on the level which is enough to learn a new language) as a leverage for French learning process. These technique is useful when you go slowly learning every aspect of previous chapters.

The Fluenz French course focuses around a one-on-one tutoring session followed by many different exercises that get progressively harder and reinforce what was learned. Even though there is never a vocabulary list or a grammar rule in sight, all the important information still comes across during the lesson and exercises. This simple method coupled with an uncomplicated interface makes Fluenz one of the best choices for learning French. If you need a teaching system that is more intuitive than textbook retention, Fluenz is the program for you.

Pros & Cons of Fluenz French


  • Learn at your own pace, do the lessons when most convenient to yourself.
  • Beautiful interface and awe-inspiring pictures make you wish you were in France, now.
  • The discs come  packaged in a neat, little red box. Presentation is very professional.
  • Thoroughness of lessons, tons of exercises. You truly learn with this program.
  • A “challenge mode” can be enabled. Forcing the need to type accents within responses.
  • Five complete discs which increase with difficulty. Beginners can start from square one while more advanced learners can start from disc 2, 3, or 4…
  • Excellent teachers.
  • Fluenz’s Company and customer support is top notch.
  • A 12-month warranty.


  • The software is only as effective as you make it.  If you skip a lot of days, or do not feel like doing all of the exercises, then you’re only cheating yourself!
  • The software cannot evaluate your speech, only provide you with native speech recordings. You have the ability to plug in a microphone and speak but nobody will be speaking back!
  • Some dislike the fact that Sonia Gil is not a Native French Speaker. Her French is still good though. Carolyn Janin replaces Sonia in Fluenz 4 and 5 – she is a native Parisian.
  • Some say that Fluenz is a little too “Tourist” focused (I.e, Fluenz vocabulary is based off of things like giving directions, ordering food, buying a train/airplane ticket, greetings, etc…)

Fluenz French Review

Ease of Use

Fluenz French is very easy to use, PC and MAC computers supported. If you want to tracking your learning process on mobile devices, Fluenz have not provided mobile apps, you can try Tell me More French (Our most recommended Comprehensive French Learning Software)

Fluenz has one of the simplest and most intuitive interfaces of any program we reviewed. It is easy to navigate through lessons or between segments of a lesson. And each activity is simple enough to be done without needing instructions.


An effective approach for English Speakers. There is no more effective way to understand French liaisons, verb conjugations and masculine/feminine endings than from a tutor explaining these important subtleties in English. And there is no way to learn French really well without mastering these fundamental elements of the language. Because French and English share roots dating back to the 11th century, they have many similarities that can be taken advantage of in order to accelerate the learning process.

Tailor-Made Approach Emphasizing Culture and Context. Just as importantly, the Fluenz tutor spends considerable time going over cultural issues, providing context and anecdotes that make the process meaningful. By making sense of this historic and elegant language, learners actually learn it.

Great One-On-One Teaching, Engaging Workouts. Fluenz French is divided into sessions that are introduced and led by the the on-screen tutor. After a realistic conversation between native French speakers, she returns to give a full tutorial on all the new words and structures to be learned in that session.

Next comes a series of challenging workouts that provide an ideal training ground for developing the learner’s reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities. Each session features a set of clear, common sense tools that make a true difference.


Fluenz offers user manuals and FAQs to help you answer your questions. Before you purchase Fluenz French, you can request a DEMO Program to help you understand how it works on Fluenz’s official site.

If you need more help, you can contact Fluenz through email or phone. But the most effective method for getting help is through their live chat option. The technicians on the live chat service were prompt, knowledgeable and eager to help.

Final Words

In my opinion, Fluenz and Tell me More both perfect french learning for any leveled French learners. Tell me More is more friendly for mobile devices, if you learn french most of the time at home, Fluenz puts great care into their product to make sure you come out speaking French like a champion! If you sing Fluenz as a supplemental approach to learning French, then expect your language skills to grow.

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