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Fluenz Mandarin was designed specifically to teach people that already understand English Mandarin Chinese in a way that makes the most sense to them, based on the patterns and structure of the English Language. It is a digital course based on home class, that makes significant use of video, audio and images to stimulate your senses when learning.

Fluenz Mandarin is a very comprehensive chinese learning course, it consists 45 leraning sessions, totally about 90 hours. It was designed to take learners to fluency, not only teach you basic phrases.

Fluenz Mandarin claims its effectiveness by recreating a traditional learning platform, such as a small classroom or private tuition. In fact, the software includes an “on-screen” teacher named Sonia Gill, that actually explains things to you as though you are in her classroom. She herself learned Mandarin from scratch having spoken only English, and is therefore is in a good position to understand your points of difficulty as an English speaker.

Fluenz Chinese VS Rosetta Stone Chinese

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When I decided to buy software to learn Mandarin, I thought Rosetta Stone was the only option. Luckily, I came across Fluenz before it was too late.

At first, I was intrigued by Rosetta Stone’s no-English rule and spent some time with their demo. But after comparing the Rosetta and Fluenz, I started to think the Fluenz method might be better. Sonia Gil, an English-speaking tutor, gives you tools to build phrases, and then sentences. The Fluenz linguists believe, and I tend to agree, that adults learn differently than children.

By explaining key things in English, rather than having a bunch of Chinese thrown at them, adults can learn how to say many things very quickly. If you visit the Fluenz site you can see how powerful this is when it comes to learning phrases like “I need a taxi”, or “I want a cup of coffee” in the first lessons. It would take weeks or even months for anyone to learn those phrases in Chinese the Rosetta way, by merely pairing images with their corresponding words. It seems difficult to learn a language without a teacher or tutor, and it is impossible to learn Chinese tones without a proper explanation.

The Fluenz learning experience is further enhanced by its beautiful design. By comparison, the Rosetta V2 application, though nicely packaged, doesn’t seem that up to date (once you pass the demo video, you can actually see what the real interface looks like). But the strongest point for Fluenz is the human element. Sonia takes the learner step by step, building skills that are practiced in a series of very creative workouts covering writing, reading, comprehension and expression.

Overall, my experience with Fluenz has been great. I fully recommend the software for anyone interested in Mandarin.

By Aaron Gibralter amazon.com

Fluenz and Rosetta Stone are both multi-media programs for learning Mandarin Chinese, and they both offer a free demo to help us to undertand how it works.

Fluenz Mandarin is a recently made program, using English as needed to explain what you are learning in Mandarin. Its methodology derives from cutting-edge research into how adults learn additional languages.

Rosetta Stone Chinese is a more expensive program using their long-established method for teaching languages by only using pictures and the language they are teaching, not using any English at all. This is based on concepts about learning that treat adults the same as young children in learning languages, and it means that the program can’t use English to explain things like the different tones in Chinese.

Fluenz Chinese VS Rocket Chinese

Fluenz is more expensive & comprehensive than rocket chinese, Based on well-thought theories of how people learn.

With Rocket Chinese, you get exceptional value for the money with download version. Also, with the focus on the audio files, it is easier to use while exercising. And, i love their online community forum, it is a great place for conversation with chinese speaking peoples.


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