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Pimsleur Spanish Review$19.9550% Off
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Rocket Spanish Review$99.9567% Off
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Transparent Spanish Review

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Free Course
Price $179
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20% Off

The Transparent Language system does not use a strict lesson plan. It’s flexibility allows you to choose what you want to study depending on your interests or why you want to learn Spanish.

Depending upon your goals the Transparent Spanish Complete Edition sets the foundation by developing a new Spanish vocabulary then learn to read and write in Spanish. Games, quizes, tests, flash cards or crossword puzzles help you to keep Spanish learning fun and memorable.

In addition, while using Transparent Spanish Complete Edition, you will find some exceptional technology applications very helpful. For example, with “Slow Sound” features, you will be able to slow the Spanish words down to hear pronunciations better.  Also, you will be able to practice pronunciation in a right and effective way thanks to using another feature that assesses your pitch, vowels and tone. Another perfect application of Transparent Spanish is the tracking system that enables you to track your learning progress effectively.

Another beneficial feature is allows you to see the definition of the word when you highlight it during your study on reading or speaking lessons. This feature helps you learn Spanish vocabulary conveniently.



  • Easy to learn Spanish vocabulary with the Byki Spanish flash card system. It is the program’s strongest feature and is great beginner Spanish tool.
  • A step-by-step comprehensive course, great learning process
  • Voice-recognition feature, including the graphs and scoring is good quality and helps to teach you Spanish pronunciation quickly.
  • More competitive price than Tell me More Spanish or Fluenz Spanish

  • The course is a compilation of different programs by the Transparent Language and lacks an overall integration of these tools.
  • Windows Only, you can’t run transparent software on a MAC
  • Not suitable for more advanced Spanish learners. Another program purchase might be necessary, Rocket Spanish / Visual Link Spanish
  • Uer Interface design is not so good

Finally, if you want to study basic Spanish in a fun manner, this effective program will be a perfect option for you. Transparent  Spanish is a great vocabulary and grammar learning software program for beginners with many beneficial features.

Buy Transparent Spanish Complete Edition

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Transparent have a 6 month full refund policy

Transparent Spanish Review3.8333333333333335admin2011-11-18 09:58:51The Transparent Language system does not use a strict lesson plan. It’s flexibility allows you to choose what you want to study depending on your inte…

Fluenz Spanish Review

Editor’s Rating
Ease of Use
Overall Rating
Free Course
Price $677
Special Offers 26% Off

The approach that Fluenz Spanish takes to learning Spanish is a little different from most other Spanish Learning Software. Fluenz Spanish have focused on simulating a one-on-one learning experience by including videos of a private tutor teaching you each lesson. Following that, this Spanish learning course emphasizes memory retention by offering a series of increasingly difficult activities, which culminate in your participation in a full conversation.

Fluenz Spanish works on PC or MAC, you request their online demo program at fluenz.com. But i highly suggest you read reviews on amazon.com before you purchase this learning software.

Click for Fluenz Spanish Reviews on Amazon.com

and Get 26% Discount

Fluenz Spanish is quite expensive than most spanish learning software, is it worth the price? In my opinion, fluenz spanish is not my first choice for Spanish learning. Tell me More Spanish will be a better choice, 2 reasons in my mind:

1. With Tell me More WebPass spanish, you get instant access online course & additional learning resource Just $40/month. If tell me more spanish do not works, you can quit any time, and request refund. It is absolutely no risk investment!

2. Tell me More mobile app can ensure your learning progress. For Fluenz, you  can only listen the audio course on your mobile devices.

Anyway, despite these 2 deficiencies, Fluenz Spanish is still one of the best choices to help you learn Spanish. One advantage of this style of learning is that it makes Fluenz more relevant for tourists and business people who will be travelling. The makers of Fluenz avoided some of the more traditional learn Spanish vocabulary lessons in favor of practical words that the average person is more likely to use.

With the combination of an elegantly simple interface, well-planned lessons and multi-media curriculum, Fluenz manages to make the Spanish learning process both easy and effective. It’s an obvious choice when looking for learn Spanish software.

Fluenz Spanish VS Rosetta Stone Spanish

I went on a vacation to Costa Rica, and resolved to learn Spanish. I studied French in high school and college, and I enjoyed it for the most part. I’ve NEVER had an opportunity to actually use my French, as I’ve found that everyone who speaks French usually speaks English. So, I thought I would try to learn Spanish, and maybe I could actually use it.

I found a website which reviewed many Spanish Learning Software packages, and many of them are only PC compatible. The two highest rated Mac compatibles were Fluenz and Rosetta Stone, #2 & #3, respectively. I had seen the Rosetta Stone commercials ad nauseum, so I thought it would be a good starting point. The “no drills” and “no memorization” aspects sounded great, so RS was my starting point.

I started out with Rosetta Stone 1, 2, & 3. RS is a beautiful program, with lovely pictures, and an intuitive interface. There were many, many times when I was clueless as to what to do, so I would just click until I got it right. RS would sense this, and would present the material again until I scored 90% or better. However, there WERE times when I would figure out the answer through the process off elimination, without truly understanding what I was saying/doing. For example, “comprar”: did it mean “to shop” or “to buy”? I couldn’t tell. Also, the speech recognition on Rosetta Stone could prove to be very temperamental. There were some words, some ONE-SYLLABLE words, that RS simply couldn’t accept. I would record them with my iPhone, and play it back into the microphone, and it STILL wouldn’t work. These occasions were rare, but troublesome. There were multi-syllable words or phrases that I had to use the iPhone trick for. I could repeat it one hundred times into the microphone, and it would NEVER NEVER accept what I said. After a while, I felt like I was getting great practice on how to record phrases with my iPhone, but for learning Spanish, my progress was slow. Also, I wasn’t learning anything practical for use as a tourist. I want to learn how to bargain a little bit: “I will give you fifty, OK?” I wasn’t getting that with Rosetta Stone. I think I completed Disc 2 of RS. Again, it was good, but there were many things that I wasn’t sure about.

I heard about Fluenz from that website, and decided to give it a try. I ordered 1+2+3+4+5. A bit ambitious, but, like anything, the unit price goes down when you buy in bulk. I just finished up the first disc, so I’m not at any kind of expert level, but I liked what I’ve seen so far. I feel like I’ve really nailed the present tense conjugations of the following words: To Be (both Estar and Ser), To Go (very useful for meatball future tense), To Want, To Need, To Eat, To Drink. These words will get a tourist through a great many situations.

Fluenz’s approach is different than Rosetta Stone. They start with Sonia Gil giving an intro, then a simple conversation between two or more people. You can listen to it without subtitles, with Spanish subtitles, or with English and Spanish subtitles. You should listen to it three times, once with each subtitle option. Sonia comes back, and breaks down the dialog, explaining what each word means, and how they relate to each other. There are then various drills, many of which involve typing down what you hear. These are challenging, and fun for me. I pride myself on my spelling, and these can be hard but satisfying to complete.

Fluenz does NOT use voice-recognition, which simply and effectively eliminates the frustrations I had with RS. My accent may not be as polished as it might be with RS, but at least I’m not fretting about getting stuck on a certain passage, wondering if it is me or the computer that is at fault. However, Fluenz DOES make use of the microphone. The aforementioned conversations are repeated, with you taking the role of one of the characters. You say the line that is shown, and click ‘stop’, and the conversation continues. You then play back the conversation, so you can hear your own voice. At that point in the lesson, you can tell if your accent is crap or not. And this works for me. I want to be a tourist, not a Telemundo newscaster. If I can crack a joke in Spanish, and make a senorita laugh, then this whole language thing will have paid off.

One thing I’ve found to be kind of humorous: Sonia Gil is very attractive. Sometimes my mind goes blank, as I’m just staring at her face, and I miss what she said completely. Doh!

MacBook users: Both Rosetta Stone and Fluenz work beautifully with my 2009 MacBook. No external microphones needed. RS adjusts the sensitivity of the microphone automatically, Fluenz does not. You will have to go System Preferences/Sound to adjust it. Once you do, it is done. No problem.

I recommend Fluenz over Rosetta Stone, especially if you are an adult who wants to ‘speak tourist’. Rosetta Stone is good, but the little snags proved to be frustrating for me. Fluenz is more real world oriented, with expressions like: “We are going to the store together, would you like to come?”, whereas Rosetta Stone had expressions like: “The car is in front of the house” or “the dog wants meat”

The people at Fluenz are great as well. I ordered 1+2+3+4+5, but I only received 1+2+3. I contacted Amazon, who said “Because Fluenz’s inventory is constantly changing, we can’t replace items sold by them that are Fulfilled by Amazon.” I could either return the whole thing, or they could refund part of the money. I let Fluenz know about this, and they promptly sent me the missing discs 4+5. So Fluenz’s customer service is great. Over educated young college grads.

Follow Up: 5/17/10: I’ve been using Fluenz, off and on, (it’s hard to remain focused), but to address my previous statement: “For example, “comprar”: did it mean “to shop” or “to buy”? I couldn’t tell. ” Comprar means both “to shop for” and “to buy”. Doh!

I trade comments with Sonia on Facebook, she’s the best! Nothing wrong with Rosetta Stone, but Fluenz is the real deal, in my opinion.

By Todd Smith “Hot Toddy” (Pawling, NY)
Like everyone else, I’m comparing what I consider to be the two top dogs when it comes to Spanish language learning software: Fluenz and Rosetta Stone. Which software you should choose depends on what you want to be able to do first. Do you think it’s more important to learn to order food in a restaurant, or explain where a cat is in relation to a table? It’s a serious question, because therein lies the difference between these two programs.Rosetta Stone assumes that you are an infant who should learn colors and animals first. If you are an infant, stop reading, and navigate to the Rosetta Stone section. If you are an adult who would rather learn the word for “cellphone” before “horse,” then you should undoubtedly choose Fluenz.

Fluenz features a slick user-interface and a real person who acts as your personal tutor. (Incidentally, she is quite attractive.) Unlike Rosetta Stone, which uses a strict immersion model, Fluenz relates Spanish to English in order to build on the knowledge you already have about grammar and the way words work together. With Rosetta Stone, I found myself having to look up words because the pictures are sometimes unclear. For instance, there was a picture of a child and a man with the word “abuelo.” I didn’t know that it meant “grandfather” until I consulted a dictionary. You can’t rely strictly on visual cues for everything. With Fluenz, every detail is spelled out and explained for you. You are told the precise meaning of every word and given tips for pronunciation and usage. I have found that this explicit approach is much more effective for my learning style. Your experience, of course, may vary.

After the principal lesson, Fluenz tasks you with a series of “workouts.” These are very enjoyable exercises that increase in difficulty and require different skills than Rosetta Stone exercises. For instance, in Rosetta Stone, you can almost always use process of elimination to choose the correct picture. In Fluenz, you are almost immediately asked to construct your own sentences using the words you’ve learned. In other exercises, you must transcribe spoken dialogue. I immediately realized that comprehending an entire spoken sentence was much more difficult than comprehending a single word. To me, it’s a far more aggressive approach than Rosetta Stone, and I can feel my brain working harder.

I will also say that I have used Rosetta Stone quite a bit, but I stopped using it because I simply became bored with the tedium of the program. I find Fluenz far more stimulating. I can hardly wait to come home every day and use it again. It’s as addictive as a video game, and the best part is that I’m getting practical knowledge of Spanish that I can immediately apply to real life situations. I’m so fond of the program that I plan to try the Italian next.

If you are on the fence, but are one of those people who tend to go with the most popular choice, let me say this: Rosetta Stone will probably always outsell Fluenz. The reason is simple. Rosetta Stone only needs one Spanish program that it can sell world wide, because it does not teach using other languages. From a business standpoint, it’s genius. From a learning standpoint, it’s lacking. Fluenz is specifically designed for those who speak English to learn Spanish. If this statement applies to you, pick Fluenz over Rosetta Stone.

By Ex Ell (Oklahoma, USA)
I have completed 4 of the 5 levels of Fluenz Spanish and am on lesson 3 of level 5. Before investing in this great language learning program, I tried RS, Rocket Spanish and Tell Me More Spanish. Fluenz is by far the best language learning software out there if you are serious about LEARNING the Spanish language.My background…Never studied a language before. I’m retired and was looking to something to keep the brain hoping along. I liked the Spanish language so much that I decided to work towards an oral proficiency rating so I enrolled in a Spanish certificate program at the University of Wisconsin (7 semesters of Spanish required). I tested out of Spanish 1. I’m currently taking Spanish 2, and outside of additional vocabulary, I found that I knew all of grammar and sentence construction required for Spanish 2 and should have enrolled in Spanish 3. So, I’m at least at a 3rd semester university level of Spanish. My Spanish professor continually praises my pronunciation, knowledge of grammar and sentence construction. Where did I learn all of this? Using the Fluenz program!

As I stated at the start, I have tried Rosetta Stone (fell asleep), Rocket Spanish (very little grammar)and Tell Me More Spanish (not bad but only for those who are at an intermediate level). By far, Fluenz Spanish offers the most grammar instruction of any of the others and will provide you with a solid foundation in the Spanish language. Some have posted reviews here after only completing 1 – 2 levels. If your goal is ‘fluency’ I suggest that you finish all of the lessons before judging how much fluency you will acquire using this program. How do you measure fluency anyway? What does that mean? I will say that Fluenz’s main focus is not on building a huge vocabulary but on building a strong foundation. What good is it to know a lot of Spanish words if you don’t know how to construct a sentence or conjugate classes of verbs or know when to use ser vs estar or pasear vs cominar or para vs por? You will not be understood if you can’t put the words you know together to communicate with a Spanish speaker. That is the main goal of the Fluenz program….teaching you to communicate!

Learning a new language, may initially seem fairly simple, but it is not. Learning a new language requires lots and lots of hard work. If you are only looking to parrot some touristy phrases then maybe this is not the program for you because you will learn far more. At first glance, it may seem that the conversations revolve around touristy type things but everything you learn is applicable to everyday situations. I know. It’s what I’ve been doing in my UWM class. All communications are in Spanish using Skype, voice boards and e-mail. The professor lives in Spain! We write about the economy in Spain, our dogs, cultural things, different sites in Madrid, etc.

Any language learning program is, by nature, scripted. It helps to use supplemental materials such as a grammar workbook for extra practice, listening and listening and listening to lots of Spanish even if you don’t understand it verbatim, finding a Spanish speaking partner to communicate with, etc. Fluenz will provide you with a solid foundation on which to build your fluency, but, in the end it’s up to the student to reach out and explore additional learning opportunities. Most of us didn’t learn English in 6 months!

The top 6 reasons to invest in yourself and buy this program:

1. The onscreen tutor – nothing on the market comes close to the benefits of having a real person explain, what can be, complex grammar and sentence constructions.

2. Emphasis on correct pronunciation – It’s not so much how fast someone speaks, it’s how clearly they enunciate each word. All of the Spanish speakers enunciate each word very clearly. Also, the speech speed starts out slower in the early lessons and increases to a speed you will hear, say, watching Spanish language television.

3. Each lesson builds on previous lessons. It may seem a bit repetive, however, the goal is to move the student from a translational phase to an instinctual phase where not much thought is needed to communicate in Spanish.

4. Customer support – best in the business. Most language learning software companies only provide technical support. The Fluenz team is ready, willing and able to provide all the language support you could ever want. Stuck on a concept? Just ask. You’ll get an easily understandable answer complete with examples.

5. Provides a strong foundation on which to continue to build your fluency. After only 4 levels, I feel that I can pretty much figure out something new when I see it because my foundation is so strong. My Spanish professor does not restrict her use of the language to what we have already learned but I have been able to understand what she is communicating whether she’s using a verb tense that I’ve not seen, words I don’t know or Spanish idioms and sayings.

6. Supplemental CDs and podcasts – Hearing spoken Spanish w/o subtitles forces you to focus on what is being said overall. You may not understand what is being said verbatim, but if you can pick up key words, you will know what the speaker is communicating. Great for practicing what you will experience in the real world.

And, one last thing, the interface is simple and beautiful! The program is for adults, taught by adults.

By Cheryl Holden “Language Student” (brookfield, wi United States)


Fluenz Spanish Review4.25admin2011-11-18 05:21:55The approach that Fluenz Spanish takes to learning Spanish is a little different from most other Spanish Learning Software. Fluenz Spanish have focuse…

Pimsleur Spanish Review

Editor’s Rating
Ease of Use
Overall Rating
Free Course
Price $19.95
Special Offers 50% Off

Learn a Lanuage in 10 Days

Hard to believe, isn’t it? Till you ask yourself one simple question: How did you learn English as a child? Did you wade through text books? Did you struggle with grammar? Did you drive yourself crazy trying to get the accent right?

No. You just “picked it up.” You heard adults speak, and you uttered your first word. Well, that’s how the Pimsleur method works. It’s the natural way to learn Spanish.

In easy half hour “bites” on CD, our scientifically sequenced lessons will have you speaking Spanish the way the Spanish do–or you pay nothing. Guaranteed. Just give it a try.

Use the Pimsleur Approach to speak a new language in only 10 days! Pimsleur courses took over 40 years to develop and perfect. Just sit back and listen while the audio does the work for you. Each CD has been scientifically sequenced to rapidly lock language material into your brain after just one listen. You’ll absorb your new language effortlessly without any reading, writing or computer use.

Perfect Language Learning Course for Spnish Beginners

  • Free Shipping (Next Business Day)
  • Full 30-Days Money Back Guarantee – no conditions
  • 8 fluency oriented language lessons on 4 CDs
  • Learn from a native on CD audio, iPod, MP3
  • Entry in the Pimsleur Rapid Fluency Pruchase Program

In order to learn Spanish by traditional means, you need books. You start by learning vocabulary and grammar, and then try and figure out how to put them together in order to actually speak. The process can take weeks or even months before you can hold your own in a conversation.

Not with the Pimsleur Approach. From the beginning, you hear everything put together the way it naturally flows in conversation, not just individual parts of speech. You learn by listening, not by rote memorization of verbs, nouns, and conjugation. Right away with Pimsleur Spanish, you’ll start learning the important phrases that will really come in handy.

By learning Spanish the natural way, using idiomatic expressions the Spanish actually use rather than textbook phrases, you will benefit by speaking Spanish that is “real” rather than academic.

Pimsleur Spanish Comparisons

We have done some researching to compare Pimsleuer with Rosetta Stone, Rocket Language, Transparent & Fluenz (The Top 5 Most Popular Language Learning Software)

Pimsleur Approach is our most recommended Language Learning Course for Beginners who want to learn Conversational Spanish, but if Academic Spanish is your final target, Tell me More Spanish will be a better choice.

Pimsleur VS. Rosetta Stone

(Click for Large Photo)

Pimsleur VS. Rocket Language

(Click for Large Photo)

Pimsleur VS. Transparent

(Click for Large Photo)

Pimsleur VS. Fluenz

(Click for Large Photo)

Special Offers

If you’re not absolutely thrilled with your new ability to learn spanish and speak comfortably, simply return your course within 30 days for a full refund.

Pimsleur Spanish Course Review

Pimsleur Spanish is an all-audio course. Time investment works out to a half an hour each day. All lessons are the same: you listen to a conversation, then the narrator helps you learn new words, and slowly you start creating your own expressions. Finally, you take part in the conversation you heard at the beginning.

Pimsleur Spanish learning course is based on two ideas:

1. The Principle of Anticipation:  Enables students to pick up how the language works without having to memorize rules.

2. Graduated Interval Recall:  Strategically presents more new words in the beginning and then gradually less as the program moves on. This way words go from your short-term memory to your long-term one. Pimsluer language learning style consistently ranks as one of the best memory retention programs on the market.

Pros and Cons


  • It’s audio course, so you can take it with your ipod or whatever, learn spanish anywhere.
  • It repeats the same vocabulary a lot, so you really learn the words.
  • The absolute cheapest price


  • The Spanish it uses is rather formal in some cases. For example, “Encantado” instead of the more popular “Mucho gusto” for Good to meet you.
  • The vocabulary is not really large

There may be more comprehensive & expensive learning approaches, but if you want to learn to speak spanish with ease and fast, Pimsluers approach to learn Spanish is all about full Spanish comprehension with emphasis on maximum speed and retention.

Pimsleur Spanish Review4.5admin2011-11-14 08:16:50Learn a Lanuage in 10 Days
Hard to believe, isn’t it? Till you ask yourself one simple question: How did you learn English as a child? Did you wade t…

Visual Link Spanish Review

Editor’s Rating
Ease of Use
Overall Rating
Price $99-$249
Free Course
Special Offers $80 – $199 Off

There are a few suprises here. First, so you’re not confused, Visual Link Spanish have been referenced by searching LearnSpanishPrograms.org, LearnSpanishToday.com and SpanishPrograms.com. Seems they have at least three unique and highly visible domain names which explains why you run into this Spanish course a lot.

The Visual Link Spanish program has been created by the linguist and software team at the US institute of languages. The US institute was formed by Director Dave Clark in 1995; who has a language degree in Spanish, two years experience of living in a Spanish speaking country and two years teaching experience at a university level.

Visual Link Spanish is the answer for conversational Spanish needs. You can take it for a test drive with the free lessons offered on their official website, just sign up with your Name & Email and you’ll get them immediately.

Give Visual Link Spanish a Try!

What Makes Visual Link Spanish Unique?

First of all , Visual Link Spanish was 8 years in the development. The developer is a university level Spanish teacher, and he recognized that while he was teaching students a lot about the technical aspects of Spanish few were actually able to carry on a conversation.

What David Clark (the university instructor we’re talking about) realized is that memorization of words isn’t effective. What’s effective is teaching students to build sentences that are important to a conversational setting.

So what makes Visual Link Different? It’s a program that spends 100% of it’s time teaching you to assemble your own phrases rather then memorizing particular words and vocabulary. This way you’re actually able to think in Spanish and converse as you learn.

Pros and Cons of Visual Link Spanish


  • Item #1 The learning approach from Visual Link Spanish is unique from any other Spanish language software program. Instead of an emphasis on vocabulary and grammar, it teaches you Spanish through fun, interactive activities and building sentence structure.
  • The included Advanced Verb Module teaches you verb conjugation (i.e. “I run, you run, he runs…) in a way that’s entertaining – not boring like many grammatical exercises can be. You’ll easily be building proper Spanish sentences in no time!
  • Online version just $99.99/year, windows/mac supported


  • The Visual Link Spanish course is priced somewhat higher than other courses reviewed here, which may be a barrier for people looking for more affordable Spanish language software.
  • The interactive games and entertainment could be viewed as somewhat childish or geared toward younger viewers, however if you approach it with an open mind, you’ll find that you recall words better, remember sentences more clearly and learn Spanish more easily – especially where more “traditional” methods have failed.

 Is Visual Link Spanish Really Easy to Use?

I found Visual Link pretty simple to use. You take your Visual Link CD ROM pop it in your PC and you’re on your way to learning Spanish. The course also comes with Visual Link Audio CDs so you can learn Spanish on the go. It requires no fancy subscriptions and Its good for the techno-phobe.

For Mac users, you can get instant online access, you don’t need wait for CD ROM or download it. Visual Link don’t support iPhone/Adroid APPs, but you can online access with safari/chrom browser on your Iphone/Adroid smart phone. Very easy to learn spanish any time, anywhere.

How Does It Work?

This is a really interesting and rather unique approach to learning Spanish based on learning Spanish sentence structure and the development of conversation skills. Given that Spanish sentence structure is so different to English it’s definitely a valid approach and a method I have used with Spanish speakers who are learning English.

This program uses learning techniques based on practical themes: “Locations”, “Survival Expressions”, “Basic Needs”, and “Communication”. Inside each of these themes the language is further broken down into groups of words or Spanish phrases. Finally, you choose words from each group to form basic sentences.

The Visual link sentence structure approach involves breaking down the vocabulary into types, for example:

Article + noun + adjective

This Spanish sentence structure appears in a table format as for example “un libro blanco“ and is placed along with other Spanish articles, verbs or adjectives . This enables the Spanish student to practice structuring Spanish sentences.

In support of this you have illustrations and the Visual Link Spanish class is lead in English with explanations and translations given together with the gramatical content.

The visual Link Program might leave you feeling a little overwhelmed if this is your very first experience of learning Spanish. I found the course content interesting and relevant.

As a teacher I believe the Visual Link course is best for those learning Spanish as a third language and false beginners. It is also Ideal for those that maybe need a refresher and level lifting course.

Visual Link Special Offers

Visual Link is usually always ‘on sale’, reduced from $80 to $190. Click Here to view the latest approved Visual Link Bonuses or Discount offers available. Also, this program offers one of the longest warranties available in the lanaguage program industry that I know of: six months.

Final Words

Visual link offers a mixture of audio and visual courses primarily rooted in proper Spanish sentence structure. I recommend this Spanish program for those with at least a little prior experience with learning Spanish as it could be a little overwhelming for a total beginner. In short it best suits the audio and visual style learner.

Visual Link Spanish Review4.5admin2011-11-09 04:37:25There are a few suprises here. First, so you’re not confused, Visual Link Spanish have been referenced by searching LearnSpanishPrograms.org, LearnSpa…

Rocket Spanish Review

Editor’s Rating
Ease of Use
Overall Rating
Free Course
Price $99.95
Special Offers 67% Off

Rocket Spanish Premium is the most popular Spanish learning online course. Over 400,000 Spanish learners using this product.

In this completely honest Rocket Spanish review you’ll discover what makes this product so popular and whether or not it is a viable method for learning to speak Spanish fluently.

What’s the best way to learn spanish?

If you want to learn spanish as a second language, the best way to spanish learning must be live in a spanish speaking country, to meet and build a conversation with real spanish speakers.

Of course, it’s not possible happen to all of us, That’s why we need giving Rocket Spanish a try!

Let’s Take a look at just some of the reasons why thousands of people around the world have chosen Rocket Spanish Premium!

Is Rocket Spanish Really Easy to Use?

Using Rocket Spanish is as easy as pressing ‘play’ on your iPod/iPhone and play on your DVD player. And you will want to know what I call down to earth, real-world, ‘street Spanish’. Period. The kind of words and phrases found in every day conversations. Otherwise locals will be giving you weird looks.

You can find more visually intensive Spanish courses that are 5x’s more expensive. Video isn’t cheap to produce. But Rocket offers you the flexibility of audio AND video if you want.

Best Spanish Learning Software? I don’t think so

Most of us always want to find a best spanish learning software, and hope it will be suitable for all your situations. I don’t think there is a real best spanish learning program for all of us, just only proper one for you.

A quick search for ‘Rocket Spanish review ‘, you will get over 118,000,000 results including opinions, ratings, and reviews about rocket spanish. How can you tell if the Rocket Spanish software is a scam or the real deal?

The easiest way is to sign up for a six days free basic course of rockt spanish. You get an all-access pass to everything Rocket Spanish has to offer with no further obligation.

What’s you Really Get if You Buy Rocket Spanish?

1. You will get over 37 hours audio lessons.

One of the best benefit of audio lessons is that you can learn spanish any time and anywhere.

Rocket Spanish encourages interactive learning. Aside from living in Spanish or having a friend to talk Spanish to in real life, it’s the best way to replicate an actual conversation.

Tips: You should try to listen to the completely conversations in spanish without native language translation. And then, you will be surprised at how effective is it.

2. 6 PDF Spanish instrction guides to help you get to a conversational level of Spanish quickly.

The beginner’s grammar guide follows along with the audio lessons, providing you with the basics of Spanish grammar, as well as important vocabulary.

The conversation guide goes a step further by helping you with the intricacies of actual Spanish conversational basics, including common vocabulary and phrases.

The advanced grammar guide gives you the “finishing touches” — how to speak with (and understand) more precise grammatical structures.

These guides are really top class and a lot of work has gone into them to ensure they tie in directly to what you learn through the audio courses.

A smart learner might combine the two for a while to really drill home the “how” and “why” things are the way they are in Spanish. Everything is presented with real work examples that are current! None of those boring old Spanish text-books with phrases that are decades out of date.

You also got a lot of use out of the Spanish vocabulary supplement too.

Tips: The quickest way to become fluent is to just build your knowledge of vocabulary. With ten lists of vocab spanning from conversations, people, nationalities, places, tourism, emotions and feelings, shopping and much more, you will be well on your way to a conversational fluency as long as you apply it and actually talk to people in Spanish.

3. 3 MegaSpanish games (MegaVocab, MegaAudio, MegaVerbs)

MegaVocab is a little like Rosetta Stone Spanish in that it uses images of the Spanish word to help you visualize it.

MegaAudio speaks vocabulary out loud to you and allows you to really focus on your pronunciation to give you a real ‘native’ sounding Spanish accent.

MegaVerbs is another great testing tool to see how good you are at conjugating a verb.

4. Login access to a help forum, plus updates and upgrades free for life.

All the Rocket Spanish lessons are planed to be fully completed in 8 weeks. But for spanish beginners, you can set your own pace; and if you find something difficult you can use their 24-hour language support forum where professional teachers will give you a hand.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can build a conversiation with other spanish students to practice spanish conversation in the forum.

5. Special Offers, 60-days money back, any thing else?

Every time Rocket Spanish Premium add a new feature all members get it for free!

  • My Notes; so you can follow-up on words you had difficulty with!
  • Proficiency tests; so you can gauge how well you are going!
  • Quizzes and self-tests; so you can practice Spanish under pressure!

And all of these were supplied FREE to ALL existing Rocket Spanish Premium members!

Special Offer:

1. You can get online access for only $99.95, Get 67% Off (HARDCOPY 20-CD Pack for just $299.95 with FREE shipping)

2. get an exclusive Rocket Spanish Survival Kit worth $79.90, FREE with Rocket Spanish Premium.

 60-day money back guarantee with Rocket Spanish Premium. If you’re not completely satisfied within the first two months of purchase, just email the support team and you’ll get your money back – no questions asked!

Rocket Spanish Review4.333333333333333admin2011-11-04 07:31:20

Rocket Spanish Premium is the most popular Spanish learning online course. Over 400,000 Spanish learners using this product.

In this completely…

Tell me More Spanish Review

Editor’s Rating
Ease of Use
Overall Rating
Price $229-$599
Free Course
Special Offers 25% Off

Tell me More Spanish is an outstanding solution for your Spanish learning needs. The program is well designed, easy to use and offers the most extensive set of features of any Spanish software product available, including powerful speech recognition technology. Speech recognition technology software allows the computer to recognize what you say, assess your pronunciation and correct your mistakes.

Tell Me More uses more than just speech recognition software to teach you, and it also uses more than just flashcards, which is more than some of the software at the bottom of our list can say. Tell Me More manages to provide a comcomprehensive curriculum for your learning needs. You can practice vocabulary, take grammar lessons and even practice your conversational skills. Tell Me More covers all the aspects of learning, speaking and understanding a language.

Tell Me More is specifically designed to grow with you as you learn Spanish. We reviewed the beginner Spanish program, which has the first two learning levels, but Auralog also sells Performance editions that include 5 levels and 10 levels of learning. These higher levels will take you through the intermediate and advanced Spanish learning experience. No matter what your current level of Spanish-speaking ability, Tell Me More is an adaptable, fun solution.

Read User’s Reviews

Buy Tell Me More Chinese Now

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Tell me More Spanish V.10 Features

Spanish Performance
The new TELL ME MORE® version 10 is a true milestone in language learning. Developed by a team of language experts, TELL ME MORE® leverages the renowned Communicative Approach, a methodology used in schools and universities around the world. TELL ME MORE® implements this methodology using the exclusive PRIME approach.

Tell me More Version 10 Spanish have 4 spanish learning programs, include 10 levels, 5 levels, 2 levels and Tell me More Spanish 10+2 business levels. You can choose a suitable learning plan with the situation of your spanish level.

Features Comparison of All Spanish Learning Programs

Spanish Learning Program TELL ME MORE version 10 Spanish (10 Levels) TELL ME MORE version 10 Spanish (5 Levels) TELL ME MORE version 10 Spanish (2 Levels) TELL ME MORE version 10 Spanish(10+2 business levels)
Price US$649.00 US$449.00 US$229.00 MSRP: US$799.00 US$699.00
Final Target TELL ME MORE® v10 Spanish 10 Levels will allow you to master Spanish, providing you with the most complete and extensive offer to learn Spanish.
TELL ME MORE® v10 Spanish 5 Levels will allow you to significantly increase your Spanish language skills.
TELL ME MORE® v10 Spanish 2 Levels will allow you to jumpstart your Spanish language skills.
TELL ME MORE® v10 Spanish 10+2 Business Levels will allow you to master Spanish, and also conduct business in Spanish with 2 exclusive levels of business Spanish.
Learning Level * Contains 10 distinct levels of content, from Beginner to Advanced.
* 20 hours of interactive video.
* 20,000 exercises that keep your learning fresh and engaging
* After taking a placement test, you can choose 5 consecutive levels amongst 10 distinct levels of content, from Beginner to Advanced.
* 10 hours of interactive video.
* 10,000 exercises that keep your learning fresh and engaging.
* After taking a placement test, you can choose 2 consecutive levels amongst 10 distinct levels of content, from Beginner to Advanced.
* 2 hours of interactive video.
* 4,000 exercises that keep your learning fresh and engaging.
* 12 consecutive levels of content, from Beginner to Advanced to Business Levels.
* 22 hours of interactive video.
* 21,800 exercises that keep your learning fresh and engaging.
90-day Money Back Yes Yes Yes Yes

Click here, Get a 25% Discount


Tell me More Language Learning Software

New Features of Tell me More Spanish Version 10

New User Interface

The clean lines, uncluttered screens, simple icons, tight color scheme and overall usability makes your language learning fun and easy.

New Activity

The Virtual Conversation activity engages you in an interactive conversation environment featuring a variety of characters.

New Tracking Tools

Visualize your progress throughout the entire program.


– An exclusive Progress Test to evaluate your progress.
– A 24/7 Online Adviser.


– The most advanced speech recognition on the market, allowing you to significantly improve your pronunciation.
– S.E.T.S. (Spoken Error Tracking System) technology that pinpoints mispronounced words.
– A role play activity that allows you to play a character in an original TV series.


– On your PocketPC (MPEG videos, audio files, cultural texts, etc.)
– On your MP3 player (Including iPods and other MP3 devices)
– On audio CDs.
– On printable vocabulary lists and grammatical explanations.

Reviews From Tell me More Spanish Users

Special Holiday Savings from TELL ME MORE
Way better than Rosetta Stone, but need some basic Spanish, July 25, 2009 – amazon.com

By Robert B. Simpson “Brad” (Buffalo, NY)

I am fluent in Brazilian Portuguese and have wanted to learn Spanish for some time now. I was about to pull the trigger on Rosetta Stone when I saw some reviews on Tell Me More.

I would have to say that I’m incredibly pleased so far. Tell Me More uses so many more methods of presenting the information than other programs. I love the voice recognition software to practice pronunciation. I also really appreciate that at any time, I can open a separate window to focus on a particular word that is giving me trouble. It allows to you work on grammar, writing, spelling, and conjugation…4 major areas that I feel Rosetta Stone is very weak.

I do have to say that for kids or beginners, Rosetta Stone may be easier to use, but I don’t think that I would have ever become truly fluent using RS.

I purchased the 10 level Performance edition and would warn you that there is a TON of information to cover, so don’t expect to have everything gone through in a month. I’m still finishing up the intoductory lessons, which have been great.

I think the coolest feature so far while practicing using Tell Me More is the exercises where someone will speak to you, asking you a question, and the voice recognition software waits for you to vocally answer the questions.
All in all, a GREAT product for anyone wanting to really learn the language!

Best Spanish software available, December 15, 2009 – amazon.com

By Lisa Parker (Dallas, TX)

I had couple of classes in high school but never really learnt anything to be honest. My new year resolution was to finally learn Spanish so I did a lot of research online to find the best product. I am a complete beginner in Spanish and was a bit afraid to buy this product after reading some of the reviews online. As soon as I got the program, I noticed that they had a new introductory level, which was very basic and easy enough for me, the rest of the program is really interactive and I loved the speech recognition.

I looked at demo of Rosetta Stone and Fluenz and found them too repetitive and quite honestly a bit boring. I wanted to be able to speak Spanish and go beyond the typical useful sentences and fell that tell me more was a better solution. Also, I had a question on using the program, called them and got a very professional and prompt answer, they even suggested an online demonstration on how to better use the program.

Overall, a great product, I will buy French for my brother who is going to France in April.

Best Spanish program, December 21, 2009 – About.com
By whynotme2010

“I had compared this program to Rosetta Stone and other methods and found this program better as it had more content and was also less repetitive.
I thought it was the best value for the money and me and my husband are very pleased with it. We love the speaking activities.”

Top Ten Reviews – Posted By Top Ten Reviews

“TELL ME MORE is specifically designed to grow with you as you learn Spanish. They not only have a great beginner Spanish program, but their intermediate and advanced programs are unbeatable. No matter what your current level of Spanish-speking ability, TELL ME MORE is an adaptable, fun solution.”

Jackie, Home School Mom – Posted By Customer, June 25, 2008 – Shopzilla.com

“We love this product. We are very happy with the value (Four years of Spanish!), but my daughter found some of it a little confusing. She is extremely computer savvy, other than that she was really happy, which thrills me because we have tried so many Spanish Programs.”

Pros and Cons of Tell me More Spanish

Tell me More Spanish Pros:

  • Thorough instruction, from beginning level to advanced.
  • An incredible number of user options.
  • Speech recognition to assist with pronunciation.
  • Available in both Latin American and Castilian versions, with some emphasis to vocabulary that’s unique to certain Latin American countries.
  • 950 hours of instruction.
  • Ability to make your own audio files that you can take with you to learn while you’re away from your computer.
  • Wide variety of teaching methods designed for both audio and visual learners.
  • Software can be set to tailor what is taught to the user’s needs.
  • Ability to get explanations of grammar or vocabulary from almost any screen.
  • Attractive interface.
  • There’s no need for the latest, priciest computer — works with almost any Windows-equipped machine.
  • Painless installation.
  • Most instruction takes place in the context of scenes relating to everyday life such as family, work or travel; there is very little use of boring drills.
  • Suitable for all ages other than young children.
  • Ability to log in with multiple user names, so everyone in the family can learn at his or her own pace.

Tell me More Spanish Cons:

  • Expensive for the casual user (although less costly versions with less content are available, and it is not expensive compared with products of similar quality). Get a 25% discount here
  • Not available for Macintosh or Linux. (Now Tell me More Spanish V.10 has a online license )
  • In some exercises, users are locked into giving one particular answer, although more than one answer may be correct. (Tell me More Spanish V.10  has a great enhancement)
  • Some users might get confused by all the options available. (Tell me More Spanish V.10 has a New Easy to Use User Interface).

Tell me More Spanish Review – TopTenReviews

Version: Tell me More Spanish Performance Edition


The best way to begin learning Spanish is in Guided Mode. You can select lesson paths then view your progress. This mode includes a diary where you can set realistic goals concerning study time and habits. This is helpful because setting and tracking realistic goals will help you remain committed to learning. Each time you log on, you can track how closely your progress matches your goals. No other language program offers this level of goal-setting features.

Next, you have Free-to-Roam Mode. In this mode you can choose from a list of different workshops, including: lessons, oral or written practice, vocabulary, grammar and cultural studies. Within each of these workshops, you can customize your learning experience and progress at your own pace.

Dynamic Mode, the final type, offers a truly intelligent way of managing your learning. The software analyzes your progress as you work, then adjusts the next activities in your course according to your results in each exercise. Dynamic mode also allows you to build a personal profile that includes your own learning preferences and your progress in those areas.

One of the newest additions to the Tell Me More Spanish curriculum is the ability to study Spanish on a mobile device using the Tell Me More system. This is great for two reasons: it means that you can keep studying no matter where you go, which is important if you are constantly on the run, and it also lets you take Tell Me More with you when you are in a Spanish-speaking area. This kind of reference material is indispensable in situations like these.

One of the main concerns a potential buyer may have when considering this product is price. This software is more than double the cost of many other programs. But if you are a serious student of Spanish, Tell Me More is a superior package worth the extra cost.  The software offers more learning and tracking options than the other programs on the market today.


This software covers all of the core curriculum areas for learning the Spanish language thoroughly. Learning words, grammar, pronunciation and conversation skills is handled through individual exercises that focus on specific tasks. The content is organized by difficulty, but the program also helps you to get a basic understanding of everything you need to have rudimentary communication early on in your learning experience, just in case you don’t have a lot of time to study before you need to speak Spanish.

The pronunciation is handled through a speech recognition system that shows voice forms and 3D animations to help you create the right sounds. Tell Me More Spanish has one of the best systems for helping you evaluate your pronunciation. That’s part of the reason it ranked so high in our review. Tell Me More also has sound files for every word, phrase and phoneme to help with listening comprehension and retention.

Ease of Use:

Tell Me More rose to the top because of its large selection of features and functions. However, this plethora of options hurts its performance in the Ease of Use category. It’s difficult to even find all the amazing features because they are buried in different menus that aren’t clearly labeled. Some of the buttons fade out unless you mouse over them, making them hard to find. At times, we didn’t even know an option was available because we didn’t know the button was there.

Despite these problems, the main interface for lessons is fairly simple and easy to use, so you may not have problems if you never venture out of the guided lesson screens.

Teaching Tools:

Tell Me More has an excellent speech recognition system to help you improve your accent and Spanish speaking ability. In fact, Tell Me More has one of the best speech recognition packages of any of the products we reviewed. Tell Me More software evaluated our tester’s pronunciation and automatically detected and corrected all errors. The program even includes 3D animation to illustrate the movements of the lips and mouth to help you pronounce each word correctly. This is especially useful for seeing how unfamiliar sounds are created.

Tell Me More also has quite a few different word recognition activities, though they aren’t all useful. Crossword puzzles and Word Find activities seemed a little confusing and frustrating at the beginner level, though they might be helpful for people learning at intermediate and advanced levels. Tell Me More also has a hangman-like game where you guess the letters in a word. This could prove  frustrating at a beginning level when you still have little idea how to spell Spanish words.

Tell Me More Spanish offers students an unsurpassed cultural learning experience, including geography. Fun activities in their map section help you learn the names and locations of rivers, cities, and capitals. When you start the Tell Me More Spanish curriculum, you don’t just learn the language. Along the way, you learn short lessons about the history of the language, the history of the peoples who speak it and some of the culturally significant things you’ll find in Spanish-speaking countries. This is just another reason why Tell Me More Spanish is so great. The program is concerned with educating you about all aspects of Spanish instead of just getting you to repeat sounds and memorize vocabulary.

One of the best teaching tools that Tell Me More offers is actually accessible through an online membership that comes with the program. The online account gives you access to testing and evaluation services that help you gauge just how well you are doing. With these testing services, you can get immediate feedback about all the things you have learned. While most people aren’t usually excited about taking tests, we encourage people to use this feature because it really helps you understand where you are in the learning process and identify weaknesses.

This online membership is actually a gift that keeps on giving because it provides you with additional content and lessons. Every week you can log on and find a new 30 minute lesson. This includes video, vocabulary and grammar exercises.

Tell Me More’s greatest weakness when it comes to teaching tools may be the grammar lessons. While the rest of the curriculum is very interactive and hands-on, learning grammar hearkens back to learning Spanish out of books in school. The grammar lessons largely consist of text with some accompanying pictures and audio tracks. It certainly isn’t worthless, but it doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of the program that is so focused on interaction.

Word Tools:

Tell Me More has great word tools that can help you translate or look up words in English or Spanish. This may not be useful at the beginning because you aren’t yet familiar with any words, but it can be useful later on. Some of these tools can be hard to find though.


There are various methods of getting support from Tell Me More. The user manual that comes with the software is fairly useful and the tutorial on the Tell Me More website is also very helpful. We highly recommend using it because, as we mentioned before, some of the menus and buttons aren’t exactly clearly labeled. Using the tutorial will help you navigate the program easily from the start.

Auralog provides email and phone support options for technical problems, but when we used the email support, we found the support technicians gave replies that were neither helpful nor timely. The manual also says there is a FAQ available on the website, but we were unable to find it.


Overall, Tell Me More Premium is the best option available for learning and retaining the Spanish language. This product takes the available technology and crafts a curriculum around it that makes it possible to learn and practice all aspects of the Spanish language.

The wide range of features and adjustable learning paths make this program useful for any learning style and any learning level. There are few other programs that allow you to customize your curriculum like Tell Me More does.

While there are some issues with the interface design that makes Tell Me More difficult to navigate at first, everything else about the program is exceptional. Learning Spanish could hardly be easier.

TELL ME MORE Language Learning Software

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Rocket Spanish Learning Software

Hi My name is Petra Stark.

I recently graduated from the college of William Mary, last semester I had to take some intensive Spanish classes and I needed to get up to speed really fast and I’m not that good at languages and William Mary it’s pretty tough. So, I asked last Christmas my parents for, actually I asked them for **Competitor**, but my mum did a lot of research, which she is really good at and I ended up with Rocket Spanish instead.

So at Christmas I got a big box with my Rocket Spanish sign on, two big binders with the printed lessons, all the burned CD’s and I was in business. I started exactly on the Christmas holiday going through them and I was really thrilled.

Rocket Spanish is really so friendly and comfortable and it was a perfect match for the way that I study, I guess the way that I learn. I was doing a lot of driving between school and my parent’s house and my boyfriend and I spent a lot of time in the car and those CD’s in the car were just terrific. It probably looks strange to outsiders when I’m speaking to myself in the car, but it really, really truly helps to say out loud and over and over again. I especially liked the long pauses in the lessons so I can practice out loud. I also like the emails that I get with the little tips on grammar and phrases and cultural explanations, they are good little diversion between the real lessons. Traveling, recently, this last year I went to Costa Rica and Panama in one trip, and I just got back from Thailand and I’m going to China this fall. The thing about the traveling in Costa Rica and Panama is that I wasn’t afraid, I could just start to talk, I had my background of base verbs and conjugations, I knew some phrases, it was just a great building block that I could just jump in and start to talk. So I can say the greatest single thing about Rocket Spanish is that I’m not afraid to start speaking anymore and that’s not just in Spanish, when I was in Thailand, I know Cero Thai but because I had the confidence from Rocket Spanish I was just doing the best I could in Thai and getting by speaking. Nothing bad ever happened and only good things happened when you just start speaking to people, they always been respondent, really helpful and kind. So I want to thank you for your program, Thank you for the Mp3 offer that little push made me do what I should have done before, which is to tell you what terrific program you have and I would recommend it to anyone and very, very grateful for the opportunity.

So.. gracias y hasta luego, this is Petra Stark. Thank you, Bye.

Petra Stark.

SpanishPod Spanish Learning Software

Maybe 2 years ago, one of my online students (Alaric, ¡hola y gracias!) told me about ChinesePod, and that they had just launched SpanishPod. He used ChinesePod, as he also speaks Chinese.

And few days ago, these things happen, I “discovered” this new SpanishPod.

Basically, these pods help you practice and learn. You can find lots of podcasts, but I’ve found out SpanishPod is really serious with what they are doing.

But, in case you have never heard about it, I’ll tell you how it works:

Their method is based, as they say in their site, in four points: “Listen, review, practice and Reinforce“. In orden to follow these four steps, they offer online .mp3 lessons you can listen to on their web or maybe you’d prefer to download them and listen to them whenever and wherever you want.

Their second step is “reviewing” something you can do when you download the .pdf daily lessons where you’ll find the dialogues, translations and more acivities which will help you review and learn.

And… what about the Practice? Ok, you can learn a lot of grammar, vocabulary, expressions, etc. But you need to practice, and that’s why SpanishPod offers practice sessions with native speakers.

And finally, “Reinforce” what you have learn in previous lessons, using flascards and concetration games.

On my opinion, this is an excellent method for all those wanting to learn / practice Spanish.

They have a free option and other 4 options where you have to pay.
Right now they offer one week free trial, where you’ll have access to several tools, like Expert Teacher Instruction, Daily Lesson Podcasts, or Speaking Practice.
So, you can freely try it and if you like their method, subscribe to any of their non-free options.

Rosetta Stone Spanish Learning Software

The Rosetta Stone Spanish program is a relative new-comer on the scene. I had heard nothing but rave reviews for the Rosetta Stone series but didn’t get around to trying it out until recently. Boy was I missing out. Every bit as effective as Spanish Pimsleur and far more user friendly than Spanish FSI, Rosetta Stone Spanish just may be the ideal Spanish language learning program.

Dynamic Immersion

Unlike most language-learning programs, Rosetta Stone Spanish spends very little time teaching grammar rules. Instead, Rosetta Stone relies on a technique they call Dynamic Immersion, which is a process of associating images with words and phrases. You are shown an image, perhaps of a man drinking a glass of water, and then shown the corresponding Spanish phrase both verbally and in writing. Then, the same pictures and phrases are reintroduced at regular intervals to reinforce what you’ve learned. Sound familiar? It’s very similar to the Pimsleur approach, only using visual instead of audio cues. In fact, you wouldn’t be too far off base if you were to call Rosetta Stone Spanish Pimsleur on steroids. Students inexperienced with this method of learning without grammar will be skeptical, but believe me when I say it works. Over time, you begin to to infer the rules from context without having to be taught them explicitly. In the end, you will learn Spanish grammar better this way. For those of you who want to practice the Spanish on the go even when not in front of your computer, Rosetta Stone includes several excellent audio CDs which correspond to the lessons on your computer. Use these during your morning commute or nightly job to reinforce what you’ve learned.

Hone Your Pronunciation

The best feature of Rosetta Stone Spanish is its speech-recognition capability. Peppered throughout the various modules are prompts to repeat various Spanish words and phrases into your microphone. The program then grades your pronunciation and provides various tools to help you improve if you’re a little bit off. Studies have shown the better your own pronunciation, the quicker you learn the language because your brain has an easier time making the connection between what you hear and what you say.

A Complete Solution

Rosetta Stone Spanish is meant to be a complete, self-contained Spanish-learning solution. I think they more or less accomplish this goal. By the time you reach the end of level 3, you will speak at an advanced level, able to watch Spanish movies, read Spanish newspapers, and travel throughout the Spanish-speaking world without fear of being unable to communicate with the locals; however, you won’t quite be fluent. No single Spanish learning program can accomplish that, but Rosetta Stone Spanish will get you closer to fluency than anything else on the market. Other programs are less expensive, but this is certainly a case where you get what you pay for.

Downsides of Rosetta Stone Spanish

Don’t get me wrong, I love Rosetta Stone Spanish, but it’s not perfect. Even though I am partial to this particular method of instruction and eschew unnecessary grammar, I still feel grammar is important. If there’s one area Rosetta Stone falls short, it’s here. I would like to see a few more grammar drills in the more advanced stages of the program to help students cement what they’ve learned. Some people just learn better that way, and I feel a complete Spanish-learning program should cater to them as well.This is an minor quibble, however. Since Rosetta Stone Spanish is a bit light on grammar by design, grammar fiends should pick up Dorothy Richmond’s excellent workbooks: Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Verb Tenses and Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Pronouns And Prepositions as a grammar supplement. You can purchase both of these workbooks from Amazon for around $18 total and I know of no other grammar workbooks even half as effective as these, especially for the price. The combination of Rosetta Stone and Practice Makes perfect is unbeatable. If you work through this program and these two grammar workbooks, you will learn to speak Spanish faster than you ever thought possible.

Transparent Spanish Learning Software

Transparent Spanish Spanish Complete Edition is a variety of tools to help you master vocabulary and pronunciation using a variety of games, videos, audios, and speech recognition. Is the product worth considering against all the other learn Spanish programs available? Let’s find out.

What Makes Transparent Spanish Unique?

The first thing that strikes you about Transparent Language Spanish is the variety of different applications they have to accomplish what you learn. For example there are separate programs for grammar basics, and another for Alphabet reference.

These programs are installed as separate programs, but can be launched all from inside the one application.

The video portion of the program is useful, along with the speech recognition feature. All in all I don’t think there is anything that stands out to make Transparent Language Spanish program unique other then the fact that they seem to have a bit of everything from all the top programs in the market.

Using Transparent Spanish

As mentioned above there are several different applications you use while using Transparent Languages Spanish learning suite. While the educational value is there, it can be a bit cumbersome to navigate through the program.

The teaching methods, and what they focus on in the software is solid. A big part of the vocabulary you will learn in Transparent Spanish is phrases that are important in everyday situations i.e. Meeting new people, being at an airport, going to a restaurant.

The games included with the software are helpful, the Flash card game is great for improving vocabulary and learning important words. There isn’t a lot of time spent teaching you words that you wouldn’t use in conversational everyday Spanish.

One downfall I noticed about Transparent Language Spanish is that there doesn’t appear to be a straight forward lesson plan as many of the other programs have. There are lots of options to learn, but you’re more or less left on your own to decide what you want to spend your time doing.

Verdict on Transparent Language Spanish Learning Suite

The concept is great, there are a ton of features but instead of using just one application to accomplish them all they’ve pieced together several. This is a strike against Transparent Language for me. Also the lack of a formal lesson plan, or at least the option for the software to suggest what games or lessons you should be following makes it difficult to get the maximum benefit out of the software.

Over all I think Transparent Language Spanish is a good price point program for learning the basics in different areas, or as a supplemental software program to classroom courses. Although for a similar price I might consider Visual Link Spanish.

Tell me More Spanish Review4.5admin2011-11-04 07:20:45Tell me More Spanish is an outstanding solution for your Spanish learning needs. The program is well designed, easy to use and offers the most extensi…