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LangMaster Review

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LangMaster offers 7 effective ways to help you learn over 75 languages.

1. Free Online Language Courses

LANGMaster offers the world’s most extensive free online language courses. They provide state of the art free courses in many language localizations. Study with LangMaster and enjoy 6,616 interactive exercises and tests, 928 chapters, 1,700 hours of learning, 49,808 sound recordings and 11,263 pictures and photos!

2. Listen & Talk (Listening and Pronunciation Center)

To improve your listening and pronunciation skills, LangMaster has prepared hundreds of hours of high-quality recordings spoken by native speakers.

3. Language learning materials for 75 different languages

4. Dialog of the week

A new sounded dialogue every week. Practice listening in English, Spanish, German, French or Italian.

5. RE-WISE (Vocabulary Builder)

Learn words and phrases from the glossaries prepared by the Internet community. You can also provide others with your own glossary adapted to the Open Learning Initiative specification.

6. LANGMaster Language testing platform

Language courses for your company SCORM Learning Management System (LMS).

Extensive English, Spanish, German, Italian, French and Russian courses, Listen and talk, RE-WISE (coming soon) and eTestMe.com.

7. Language academy for companies and organizations

Unique platform for electronic testing of language skills designed for individuals and for testing in the companies and organizations.

You can reliably evaluate the level of your knowledge of a foreign language using a computer and the internet. Companies can test the language skills of their employees, students, or job applicants. Written and oral skills will be tested with the help of external tutors/evaluators. The entire testing system is open for your own tests and data.

LangMaster Language Learning Course Review

Advantages of LangMaster

  • Multimedia. By using different forms of media to teach the students, LANGMaster makes learning a new language more interesting and engaging.
  • Speech Recognition. Unlike other online courses, LANGMaster uses speech recognition technology so that the student learns to pronounce everything correctly before moving on to more advanced stages.
  • Interactive. In addition to the speech recognition, this course offers Click&See and Say&See methods that are designed to help the student translate the words immediately.
  • Affordable. The basic course is available for free download and an additional license key can be purchased for 27 Euros ($36.41 US dollars).

Disadvantages of LangMaster

  • Not Structured. The course covers many areas of learning a new language, but the course is not completely structured. The student has the freedom to pick and choose lessons as they go, which prevents them from creating building blocks.
  • Only for Download. This course does not contain any CDs or hard copies. The only time you will be able to practice is when you are sitting at the computer.
  • Not Mac Compatible. The program is only compatible with Microsoft Windows. If you are a Mac user, certain functions won’t work for you.
  • Accessories not included. You have to supply your own sound card, microphone and have the correct system requirements to run this program.

I was initially impressed by LangMaster not only because their online lessons are completely free, but also because of the number of exercises and audio files available. Even their software and listening programs are reasonably priced (13-27€) with a 14-day free trial plus Collins dictionary. The free online lessons are available in German, French, English, Italian and Spanish while the software also includes Russian.

There are plenty of opportunities for improving reading, writing, and listening skills and increasing your vocabulary. The lessons are completely in the target language so you may need to keep a dictionary open in another browser. There are cultural notes and grammar notes throughout but they are mostly examples until you get to the last chapter of each lesson, where there is a review explained in English (and which you can skip if you don’t care so much for grammar).

The recordings are mostly scripted but there are also some interviews with more authentic language, and examples of realia from the countries where the language is spoken (photos of signs, menus, brochures, etc.)  Usually the transcripts are provided, whether in the same lesson or later on, so you can check your comprehension.

A few of the disadvantages to LangMaster are that it is only available in the four main foreign languages and the audio is only streaming so you can’t download it. If you like flashcards, langmaster has no built-in system to review vocabulary, Tell me More or Fluenz will be better for you. In spite of these few faults, it is the most complete language program available online for free so I recommend it.

LangMaster Review2.8333333333333335admin2011-12-21 14:10:16LangMaster offers 7 effective ways to help you learn over 75 languages.

1. Free Online Language Courses
LANGMaster offers the world’s most extensi…