English Writing Software – Whitesmoke Writer for Mac

WhiteSmoke has announced the launch of their newest WhiteSmoke Writer -Gold Edition, available for a limited time only.

WhiteSmoke Writer – Gold Edition brings with it cutting edge technology, truly allowing a user to rely on a program for all his/her writing needs. In addition to WhiteSmoke’s Writer, Writer Gold Edition will alert when there are too many subordinate clauses (to many parts that start with “that), fix digits to spelled out words, correct tense and much more that can’t be found in another writing software.

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I would like to take this to remind you of WhiteSmoke Writer Mac version. Up until now the only way Mac users could use WhiteSmoke Writing Software was via an online editor. With our new desktop application, Mac users can now enjoy the same benefits and user friendly interface as our PC users.

WhiteSmoke Writer Mac version includes the following features/advantages:

  • Advanced Grammar Checker – Checks your grammar to perfection
  • Spell Checker –  Detects typos, common spelling mistakes and contextual spelling
  • Style Checker – Enhances your sentences with alternate words and phrasing
  • Writing review – Gives you an overall score of your writing
  • Single click activation

Get Whitesmoke Writer 2010 for Mac

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